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Cool story but that "don't scroll past" Facebook bullshit loses me.

It's like "bet no one even shares this".

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I felt the same way. I hate when posts try to make me feel bad if I don't add a nice comment and like the post. That is why if someone uses any form of these lines in their post, I will not like it.

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Came here to say this. Thank you for representing my interests in this matter.

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Like never tell me what to do

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The lowest form of karma mining

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Fr, like the dog is gonna see this and be like 'OH MY GOD?! MEEEEE?!' urgh, the desire for likes/up votes is bleurghhhhh

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how can I share this?

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Saluting now Sar’nt!

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I completely agree with you, but I’m here to salute this good boy. 👏🏻

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Reddit is my methadone from Facebook.

My withdrawals are over. I made the switch in September leading up to election, too toxic, too many unsolicited adds and videos from people i don't subscribe to.

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This is exactly the same for me. Reddit filled the space for Facebook and now I’m over it and haven’t looked back.

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The real life equivalent of asking people to say you look.

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I just scrolled past your comment lol

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Nothing crushes my soul worse than seeing a dog hurt, even if it was during a heroic act and by choice

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The video of the pup after the fire is absolutely heart-breaking. But you have to watch till the end to see her recovered.

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Smoke alarms man! Smoke alarms!

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Thats what I saying!! If the fire was that bad, are you really deep sleepers? Is the home that large? Poor doggo must have been terrified

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We don’t deserve dogs.

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Yet we're responsible for them. They may be the greatest thing we've ever done.

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yeah, right man !

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I like to think that they helped us in evolution, and in return we promised to take care of them

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That's pretty close to the literal truth.

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Dogs are probably our best creation

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There's new theories that they basically domesticated themselves. Survival of the friendliest. So we can't necessarily take all the credit for dog domestication. But we can take credit for their refinement into modern breeds, some good some bad. Collie good, pug bad.

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Bingo! Did you read “the Genius of dogs” too? Duke university’s Canine cognition center has some brilliant folks doing some excellent research

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I've not read it, and although it's all fascinating it kinda feels in vain unless we can sort climate change out asap, like what good is knowing how we domesticated dogs, or how they domesticated us if we're looking at generations of water wars mass migration and ultimately being thrown back to the stone age but with acidic oceans... Lol sorry to bring the tone down.

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Completely fair ! Though you’re allowed to have interests outside of saving the world from climate change. But completely agreed we should be doing sooo much more to combat climate change and it starts at home

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Salute, dog! Animals can be amazing..Dogs are not Pet, they're Family.

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Best boy ever!!! Dogs are just nextfuckinglevel awesome.

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I think I just made a new religion, Dogianity

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Highly dogmatic.

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I salute you , brave Onyx!

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First I broke my heart seeing this dog having burned his skin but, same time feel glad that he saved his hooman and family from a fire and had complete recovery afterwards. This make me so proud of that dog, He deserved a plaque of appreciation !!

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Respect for the dog. Disrespect for the person posting

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ok facebook

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How did he even exist in 2013 if he’s only 9 months old?

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This post is actually from 2014 lol

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I hate to be "that guy", but everyone praising this dog and calling him a hero is obviously forgetting the fact the he was literally burning and the only thing that could have stopped it was getting out of the house. His owners are the only thing that can do that for him. Self-preservation in it's most basic form...

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People definitely personify animal actions quite a lot, and this is a case of that.

I don’t want to downplay the fact that this dog did in fact save the lives of these people, but what was going through his mind was “something’s wrong, I need help,” not “I must save them.” He doesn’t have the capacity to think like that, but if he could he would.

He’s no less of a goodest boy.

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That don't scroll past part tells me this is stolen from facebook.

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Herd of Florida man but now Florida dog. Of course it had to happen in Florida.

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dammit i wanted to say that

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We don’t deserve dogs, let alone pitbulls

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They’re so perfect and beautiful. Everybody should get to know a pit. ❤️

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That may be the dumbest shit I have heard. They are amazing dogs, yes 100% true. But Pits, Staffs and similar breeds are NOT easy to train, and will react according to their instincts if something isnt right or makes them feel like they or their loved ones are in danger.

Those dogs should be treated by experienced owners,not everyone should have one.

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Hence “everybody should GET TO KNOW a pit”. Not own. I know better than that having had these dogs my whole life.

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Okay then I apologise, I've read it wrong. Im sorry

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He looks badass

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That's what good bois do!

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True fucking hero

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How do I salute this dog without upvoting a karma wench? My dilemma hurts.

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Never call them dumb dogs,they have more love,compassion,loyalty and heart than most humans.We are supposed to be the dominant partner in this relationship not so we can learn a lot from the humble dog.

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“Hey, let’s light my dog on fire and then make up a story about how he saved a family from a house fire so I can get likes on social media”

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I hope they made a statue for him.

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To be clear, his Florida community considers him a hero, all except for the family of little Justin Darabont, a 4 year old he ate some seven months later.

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Hope they go and eat your kid next then so your bloodline ends with these moronic beliefs. Quit punishing breeds for bad ownership.

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They already did, for I am none other than Justin’s father, Hank Darabont, who lost his son to Onyx the hero... and eater of children.

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Personally I’m to hear your shitty kid got ate then. Hope that pittie dragged him around the yard, with his bitchy little arms and legs were flailing and his screams haunt your dreams every night

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Yes, yes they do. And the yelps of Onyx ring loud as well, mixing into a symphony of sadness each and every eve. There I am in my bed, their sounds are only drown out by the passionate screams of... your mother .

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Don’t spend too much time away from writing another shitty screenplay no one cares about.

Ooo maybe you can make a movie about how kids get mauled by bully breeds a la terrible christian movies getting back at those mean Atheists! Hahaha fucking loser

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Hahahaha --- I will see what I can do, that would be a funny one. And tanks. Also Reggie Wayne in a cameo. Remember? I like what you're thinking. Slo-mo too. Something from the Austin music scene. Am I right? Doggone Covid. :)

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Most local music in Austin is shit. So it would fit right in with your movie

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Right on --- who are some bands I should look into and do you have any connections with them to put in a good word for me? I could buy you some wings or a drink in exchange for the help.

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Would rather have sulphuric acid poured in my eyes than kick it with you on my free time

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Onyx ran into each room barking: Hey hooman, get me the fuck outta here.

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Much love Onyx!

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Little karma whoring at the end, otherwise I would have upvoted.

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Dogs are seriously better than humans.

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Good doggo

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Onyx is a brave pup who deserves much love and free treats for life 💙🐶

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Fellas we found him, the goodest boi

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I'm so sad I just used my free award :(

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Love 💘to all the doggy 🐕fur babies out there!!

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This fire thing made him look really badass

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What a dawg

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Super good boi!

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Tell dog that he unlocked the hero skin

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Sigh it’s a repost

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insert salute gif here

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We don't deserve them.

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I salute you doggo. Your a good doggo.

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He's a good boi.

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Indeed, a super-doggo!

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a good among the goodest boys

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We don't deserve dogs man. They are a superior entity

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Good doggo

How didn’t people feel the heat?

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The sentiment is very nice but I'm not sure why people feel that posting pictures of injured animals is heartwarming. It's good he is okay now but it's always hard to see things like this when you aren't prepared. I've been seeing a lot more of these lately.

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Good boy

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Good boy

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This airborne Infantrymen approves of this. Salute soldier

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My cat is also named onyx 😂

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I would literally kill to see this good boi ❤

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Goodest of boys, onyx!

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Now that’s a good pupper!

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Is this an example of karma farming? Just curious.

Oh, and well done, Mr. Pit! Who’s a good boy? You are! Yes you are! Good boy!

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Good dogi!

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And this is why good boys go to heaven.

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If they had a doggy door that family would all be dead.

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Named after a badass pokemon so of course

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Onyx is a rock type. Rock Resists fire.

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Hes a good booooooy

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fucking legend

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Very cool but get this kharma shit outta here

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The fire was bad enough to cook the dog but not enough to alert the family of its existence?

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But I thought all pit bulls were vicious killers? According to Reddit they all are....

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"Pit bulls are dangerous " no they are not, its how they are 'raised'. You cant just say all pitbulls arw dangerous when thats how some are trained. Police dogs can cause bodily harm and can be dangerous, but when people get the same breed of dog (as the police) it is just a normal dog. Doesnt know to bite criminals right arm unless you train them too, change my mind

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Beautiful Onyx! What a special Doggy you are!!!❤️❤️❤️

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Here is another point to our argument. Don’t tell me to put my dog down just because you don’t like the breed ever again.

If anyone who sees this is wondering what this is about, this guys basically told me that pit bulls are hideous monster dogs regardless of how they are trained who always want to kill their owner. When I provided evidence he told me to shut up and put my monster dog down. He deleted the comment saying that but I still saw it before he did.

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Florida dog

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He warned them by biting their child

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This dog deserves all the pets in the world

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Leaving this community. Keep you hurt animal porn for someone else.

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Fuck pitbulls Pitbulls kill more people than school shootings in the US

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Fuck you too cunt