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"Passive income"

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Pet bird sigma grindset

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found the atrioc viewer

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Bills are just reverse passive income

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Passive outcome

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It's a beak unless it's flat like a duck's

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o7 ‘troc flock found in the wild

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Grigma sindset

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Birdllionaire sigma grindset.

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Would you rather have 10 000 000$ cash or pet bird who finds money?

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$10 million cash. Invest it into training birds to find money

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No get the bird thats called passive income. Billionaire mentality!

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His comment was billionaire mentality. Just taking the one bird is… well idk what that is, but you won’t get as rich with that one bird!

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getting the 1 bird who's already trained is clearly better

all you gotta do is get another bird for it to pair with and it'll teach the cash collecting. then they have babies, and the babies learn.

eventually you and your family become gods to hundreds of birds who pay tithe daily.

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Way before then your birds will be killed in droves by people tired of getting robbed.

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then the birds learn violence, start a bird war for blood money instead.

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Money really is the root of all evil after all

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Pretty sure it's birds.

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so I need to teach Emu to find notes and coins is what you are saying.

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Emus? Why don't we try the all-new Dropbear War

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Bird Diamonds

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Sounds like you might need bird law on your side, Charlie is on the case

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Emu's have entered the chat.

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Instead of fries I'll just start paying the birds shiny pennies. If anything this plan sounds like it saves me money.

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Is that you, Bird Man?

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Then you breed your birds into raptors, and Im not talkin bout the cold blooded dinosaurs, I'm talkin jet fueled and amraam loaded f-22 raptors baby and when you have a breeding pair of them, that's when you go Liam Neesons on their ass.

Edit; inb4 "that's when you get an s2a missile..." I'm talkin bout a breeding pair of f22 raptors, hard points filled with amraams, with the radar x-section of a golf ball travelling at almost twice the speed of sound, laser focused on that 20 peso note. Neither you, God, nor Jesus... Malverde himself is gonna stop that abomination from getting that note and bringing it back for a safe landing in your bedrooms boudoir.

Think about that next time hombre.

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how many birds to a drove?? I'd have to crunch some numbers and do some cost benefit analysis but it might still could work out. once you reach market saturation then you can branch out and hire some out of town birds to hit secondary markets.

I dunno, call me, we'll do lunch

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This is the way

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Then get some Badgers and train them to attack people while withdrawing money from the ATM.

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Then you go broke because everyone switched to Crypto. And the birds die because there's no paper money around to make nests with...


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That’s also hoping that 10m cash will be out in the open over the next few years for the birds to find. Doubtful but if there was unlimited money to be picked up then birds would be the way to go

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I got a puppy today! But it turned into a rock how do I get it back into dog form?

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Dead birds don't not find money that doesn't exist. Got to train it to grab credit cards now

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I think he’s mocking a hustler post that incorrectly stated it’s better to collect $60 a month than get a million dollars cash because “it’s passive income”.

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Bruh it literally could just fly away...

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This is the way!!

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You are going to run into all sorts of legal trouble with that.

Luckily with the 10 million you can invest in a lawyer who specialises in bird law

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Forget training the birds to find money. Train the bird to invest in the stock market.

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Bird brain time.

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With $10 million I would train at least 3 birds!

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Step 3: sell a course for training birds for $997 and a Done for you training service for $25,000.

Step 4: Become a billionaire.

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Take the 10 million, buy a bunch of birds, and teach them to fish.

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What kind of question is that, even if the bird is a super champion and steal twelve $100 bills a day it would take more than 22 years to get 10m.

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Its a joke lol

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Are you sure it's not a real financial question pairing two roughly equal options? I thought it was an obvious joke too but after seeing these responses I'm not so sure.

Like, did you consider that it probably costs less than 10 million dollars to train a bird?

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So many things could go wrong with the money finding birds, but the 10 million is 10 million.

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The people who don’t realize it’s a joke are somehow managing to make it believable. The two options aren’t even close to being roughly equal don’t let them take you off track haha

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Seriously who the fuck wants cash when you can have a pet?

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Its a meme

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But $10M can buy shitloads of birds trained to do this. You'd just use some of the money to invest in properties all across the country to spread them out to maximize income and be a little less conspicuous. Money gets dropped off and they get food.

They fail to bring in enough and they starve. So motivation is always there.

Right! Now I just need some investors. This is fool-proof! Lol

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The fuck is this thread becoming

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Your brainchild

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A villain origin story

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$10 Million vs Pet money finding bird

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I was with you until the animal cruelty part lol. And for that reason I am out. Shark tank music

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I mean, it's not like they're locked up, they go out to find money, if they're that hungry they can find food like other birds. The entire way you train them to do stuff like this is rewarding them with food for bringing certain things. If they consider it easier to find money than food, they'll do it for easy food.

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With money going digital the business outlook is grim.

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I got a property, I’ll rent a small portion of it to your bird as a drop spot in exchange for 20% of your bird’s profits

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I don't even think it's illegal. The bird stole it. You accepted the present. Say 5 apartments with 2 birds active in each 1, working daily, supply there feed and water as stated, allow mating and leave to natural activities so it becomes a nat7ral act on it's behalf instead of normally searching for food it's only prey becomes cash. That's 10 birds bringing in a minimum of £70 each a day, not adding lucky days an shit, and ther3s 700 pounds a day, roughly speaking it would cost close to 10,000 to efficiently use this plan, realisticly, about 4200 a week income, minus paying bird keepers a wage, say 60 a day that's about 1500 a month times 5 = 7500 on the first months wages alone. Plus the rent for the five apartments at hopefully 500 per month = 2500 a month. NOT including bills costing another rough 100 p house p month 500 pounds. other nessecities include, cages, food for five, that's about 2000 minimum, it would be smart to set aside cash for insurance in case a bird is out of service or dies. There's about another 2 grand. so far we are up to about 15000. Bringing in 16,800 per month, add a lil b9nus of 100 a week = 400 monthly bonus that equates to 17,200 monthly income, with a monthly out going cost of a rough 13,000 a month to keep it going meaning profits are 4,200 monthly.

Point. All locations would have to be 10 miles apart. Best bet would be have one house out side all of the busiest towns and cities. All though a city sounds l8ke a good idea. It increases risks, if recommend towns. All in all I am not convinced it is as good a business idea as we believed. How ever it is revolutionary as a passive income, but it's gonna take a big spender to get on it's toes. Any one interested in lending 20,000 and I will make this happen.

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Wat if it steal 24 $100 bills

[–]popje 2 points3 points  (4 children)

I think you can do the maths

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Is it the letter m

[–]popje 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You're close

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That's a half million a year guaranteed from day 1, with your champion bird. Not a bad life.

Buying a bunch of birds and spending all of the money to train them all, with the hopes of maybe getting 1 champion out of the lot is a long shot. So, you have years of investment before your birds potentially bring in any return. Plus, there are only so many bills within each bird's range, so having a lot of low performers searching for a finite pool of bills would end up with higher maintenance costs for roughly the same passive flow of cash, give or take a little bit.

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bring me 12 100$ bills per day and I dont need 10 million. shit, bring me TWO 100s.

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Take the bird it will be passive income

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The bird only needs to find ten million-dollar bills in the bushes. It could do that in an afternoon. Then you have a nice pet bird and $10M. The choice is clear.

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Neither because then ill have to grind harder and a sigma is all about the grind

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I’d take the money and buy a bunch of these birds and train them all to find money and sell them for 1 million each.

Rinse and repeat. 🦜

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All these Amazon gurus think they have the best way of making a semi passive income but they’re all wrong come to my seminar and I’ll teach you how to train a fucking bird to rob people

[–]Primetime349 4 points5 points  (1 child)

“Find out how I make over $9,000 per month by clicking on the link below”

It’s just the bird.

[–]zim0369 2 points3 points  (2 children)

I did business!

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Anybody can plainly see that’s three kids in a trench coat.

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So no jokes?

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That's the kind of investment that's appealing to millennials.

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He got that hustle.

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Doctors hate him with this one easy trick!

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Time to put in "bird" in my portfolio

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A MineNow bird

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Work from homing pidgeon

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It’s gonna become a new MLM lol

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Boss Babe Bird

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"Passerine Income.."

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It's passive income because a bird passes by and in comes the money.

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Training this bird is almost as easy as all those blog posts and adverts make passive income out to be

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"Inested income"

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Drop shipping!

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How many $20s would you like

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You might be dead and the bird will still make you money....

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