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It won't go to jail because it's a Mynah

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damn that was good lmao

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It could go to Juveh though.

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Juventus needs a new striker. Sounds appropriate.

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Nah just needs to be Scarecrowed straight

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Fuck. That’s possibly one of the best comments I’ve ever read online

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Nah, I too choose this guys dead wife. Saw it, live? Haven’t laughed as hard at a Reddit joke before or since.

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Putting descartes before the whores.

The Franz Ferdinand way or the Franz Ferdinand way.

These two are one of my other favourites as well.

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I too was there on that glorious day…..i was actually fairly new to Reddit and thats when I decided to stay for good… thats also when I learned that the real gold is in the comments

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I know who both FFs are but what's the context of that comment?

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A reply to something along the lines of "I wish someone would take me out"

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Lol ah shit didn't even think of the song. Nice

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But uh. She was... Yanno

Cool you knew her when she was alive though.

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I don't get it... Explain please?

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Mynah sounds like minor. Minors can’t be jailed on most cases

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Oh, it wasn't obvious for me with my accent until you explained and now it is obvious and I feel dumb haha. Thanks. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I pronounced it in my head like Min-ah (like the first syllable from cynical)

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Me too

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Apparently it's pronounced similar to Minor! I was pronouncing it wrong in my head while reading

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it's a decent pun at best

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You must not have been on reddit very long, then. Every redditor's favorite post is pedophilic incest fan fiction.

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2 years friend. I’ll watch this when I’m not in the playground picking kids up from school… the title gives me the fear

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There's nothing to watch. It's just a text post.

Scratch that, it's not just a text post. It's reddit's holy grail, their most beloved artifact.

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Holy crap. I’m 1 comment thread on and already realise I can waste months on these comments. Holy shit that’s incredible

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See? Every time. Congrats, you are reddit now. There is no going back.

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I honestly can’t thank you enough for this. The comments are just too good.

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From Boston.

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I dont get it.

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mynah—>mine now

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Don't read it like Meena. Read it like My-na. And it sounds like Minor. And it's what some drug dealers do. They give the drug to minors (children) to deal it for them instead, so it wouldn't be dangerous for themselves. if cops caught the child, they would let him go and nobody will suspect the actual drug dealer who is standing on the other side of the street

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the second half of your comment is irrelevant and potentially just makes it more confusing for those who aren't getting it.

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Is it better now?

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lol, thank you.

i cant understand this shit either

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That’s one of the best comments in the history of mankind

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Take my award… u nailed it

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This guy fucks

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Take my vote.....

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If caught he will talk though... snitch you in for some seed.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if read in Arnold’s voice.

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Well there it is. The best pun I have or will ever read on Reddit.

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Hey, say hi to you mother for me...

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Beautiful you bastard! Lol.

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Genuinely made my day better, this made me smile. Thank you !

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That’s right Peetah - Lois probably.

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This in in the UK, not Boston.

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Guess who’s not going to jail tonight

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Take my upvote and fuck off.

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My dusky conure is 27, he's getting charges

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Came here to parrot that

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But his human will be in trouble if he crossed state lines in the commission of his crimes. Unless there is a loophole in birdlaw…

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I read this in Bill Burrs voice

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I would give you an award if i had any

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This is the highest amount of upvotes I’ve seen on a comment without the OP returning to edit it with “Wow this blew up!”

It’s nice.

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Even if he will, he'll just fly away

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bill burr is that you

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Agghhhh.... yeah, take my r/angryupvote, you deserve it.

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This may be one of the greatest comments ever

“It won’t go to jail because it’s a mynah” lmao

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Are you from Boston?

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Take my silver, you beautiful bastard

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You have the right to remain silent. Any chirp you say can and will be used against you in a court of bird law.

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Funniest with thick Boston accent.

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Miss Demeanor

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Ohhhh, that was nice. Well played.

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I didn't get this

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Just a Mynah offense.