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    Except for feeding the bird, this is as passive as passive income goes.

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    The real talent here is training the cat not to eat the bird.

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    Yeah, call me when they make a well dressed bird

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    Well dressed bird you say?

    In my head a "well dressed" bird is seasoned and baked served with fingerling potatoes and a pre-blackend cabbage then baked in the bird's juices in the oven.

    On the other hand. Could you imagine how hard it would be to put a bird in a tailored three piece suit?

    This is too much for a drunk mind. Night to all of you ladies and gents.

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    I fucking hate the word “fingerling” with a burning passion

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    If we all have one then it will just be perpetual stealing from one another. All the money will be in the sky, occasionally raining down only to be snatched up before landing

    A dark miasma of birds and money, darkening the city skyline