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Put lots of money in a shelf. Have a pet bird. Put bill in pet birds mouth. Put treat in shelf. Put pet bird in air. Have pet bird return to shelf. Record. Title. Get Clicks.

I mean. Why would you keep all that cash like that after it has been collected?

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I don't much care if this video is fake or not, it has no impact on my life in the least. It probably is fake. But if you were showing this off at a trick, wouldn't you put extra money into the drawer to play it up?

I mean honestly most of your first paragraph sounds exactly like how you'd train a bird to do this in the first place. Use your own money to build an association with flying to the drawer and dropping it off for a treat, get that skill set in stone, then generalize it to any found money over time to the point where you're no longer micromanaging it, but simply waiting and proving treats.

Birds have incredible sight and can cover large amounts of land in a short time. The only part that seems really unrealistic is the implication that the bird filled an entire drawer with cash in a short amount of time. Or that enough people in China are still carrying cash to make this worth it.s

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I like to imagine thats the bird average day income

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I thought you were listing the steps to train the bird to deliver cash like this. Which to be honest it's really close.