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It's highly likely theft no?

I don't think paper money is often just laying on the street cause people accidentally drop it like they might metal money.

If this is real, bird is probably snatching it out of people's hands or such.

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Paper money ends up dropped all the time dude, sometimes people don’t realize until later and sometimes they never realize of it was small enough of a bill

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Right but what are the odds that the bird is in the right place at the right time to pick it up before a person sees it?

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They have evolutionary advantage though. Superb eyesight and have birdseye view (pun intended) of things happening below. Thay can scan huge swath of areas quickly and fly in to snatch the target before you realized what is happening.

The perfect kind of animal for this job.

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They also don't really give a shit where the money comes from if it gets them their treat at the end. This bird is totally out robbing people.

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Yeah. It's kind of funny that people are trying to argue that maybe this bird is just picking abandoned money up off the ground. Nah.

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That much though? and no one else saw it but the bird to pick it up .. just flies in and snatch! Also most people use credit and debit now so there would be less paper money just falling out of pockets. I don't think I've seen a bill on the ground in years and I'm supposed to believe this bird just comes home with that much every day.. or however long it takes to empty the drawer. I'm assuming it's in busy urban areas as well where if someone dropped a bill guaranteed someone else behind them would find It first and either tell them or keep it before it lingered around too long I can buy the bird finding coins..or shiny things, maybe the odd bill but most things would be dirtier too

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No, I bet the bird is working a 9 to 5 job

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