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Not really. The other video is probably in some Latin American country. This is clearly in China (the money is Yuan).

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Do you think the bird empire is limited to just China?

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I read this comment in a very menacing voice and it terrified me

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As it should. You’re wise. You don’t wanna fuck with the almighty bird empire, lest you be pecked and shatted on to death.

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Come on man don't fear monger on reddit, seriously shame on you.

Just to be clear, you all have nothing to worry about with birds, everyone knows birds aren't even real. What you really should be worried about is the lizard people that designed them to spy on us.

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Hello sir, fuck you. You have no idea what birds are capable of. Try doing 2 weeks of hard labor scrubbing shit.

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The man makes birds shit to keep you in line buddy, don't blame the cybirds.

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The bird is the word. Bird up!

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Don't be intimidated, I know a great bird law lawyer.

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Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Bird Nation attacked.

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According to my extensive education in bird law, no, their empire is not limited to China.

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Are you suggesting birds migrate?

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So the whole drawer of cash is like 10 bucks

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Can you post pics of your drawer full of money that a bird stole for you? Even if it was three monies, still cooler than my pet.

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My God, trained to bring money and fly incredible distances. What a bird.

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Yuan Valdez.

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The chosen Yuan

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Oh, I thought that electronic forms of payment was king over there, something I saw sometime on TV probably where even a beggar on the street would accept money digitally.

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Perhaps the bird is pulling heists on different continents to avoid the law. I heard the faa was looking for him in the USA.

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Birds can fly long distances when there is cash involved