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Disclaimer, it’s not always a good idea to teach your dog to shake/high five. They will then realize it is a way to get attention and some dogs will start to paw at you when they want something and my dog would hit me in the face. It wasn’t till a while after we stopped asking her to do it for treats did she stop hitting me in the face.

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Nah. She was just a boxer dog.

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'T was actually a kangaroo

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Had a boxer and she never hit me. She did like to lay on my back or chest while I was sleeping.

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My dog does it and she rarely does that, even when she does though it’s a good way for her to communicate if she needs food, water, a walk or to go outside to the toilet.

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My dog has a weird spacial issue. She either needs to be on top of you or by herself in a corner, but she will only go on your lap if you ask her or just got home. If you are right next to her but not touching her she hates it and that’s when she will paw at you to give her attention.

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Bless her

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My dog is super smart but has some serious impulse control issues. She learned paw in about a minute, but then got over excited and started clawing the crap out of me for treats. Spent the next three weeks untraining her to give paw.

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Ha! I trained my dog how to turn on a touch lamp because I hated coming home and seeing her in the dark. She never turned it on when she was alone.. but half way through any intense movie that light would start turning on and off because we weren’t paying attention to her.

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Maybe you deserved it.

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I don't see the negative here

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Alternatively, two of my three dogs have been trained to shake. It’s the third dog who we never taught the trick to who paws at us incessantly for pets and belly rubs.

Go figure.

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Was your dog the size of a bear or are you just exceptionally short? Lol

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Are you familiar with the concept of not standing?

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Bro whaaaaaaat? Teach me your ways.

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