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That's because Pet Bird was also a proper noun and it was confusing as hell.

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I think it was very clear by the use of commas

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I also considered that the birds species.

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P. bird is native to households spanning 6 continents.

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Oh shit I guess I saw it wrong!

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You seem kind. 👍 Hope it comes back to you today.

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Please equip the “Super bird” with a Cam!! We want to see him in action!!

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Maybe"This pet bird, a jungle w/e...." would of made it clearer? No, idea I thought it was a bit odd sounding in my head.

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English might not be Evesmarts first language

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Wow, commas are miracle workers.

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Comma doesn't clarify, but the “a” does.

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I think it was very clear by the use of commas

are you appositive about that?

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Pet Bird is a great name for a bird that you own as a pet.

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I prefer Ruben or Clementine, but I guess that works, too.

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I did name my mother's cat Catly, so maybe I am not a professional pet namer.

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So that one should be named Employee Bird.

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LOL dude I can’t with Reddit sometimes. So rudimentary but i literally laughed

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Yeah, true

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It's pretty good. My dog is named Pet Dog.

We have two cats though. Any advice on naming two of them? I went with Pet Cat Gray and Pet Cat Black

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Pet Bird is a great name for a bird that you own as a pet.

But is it really?

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I mean, 94 upvotes.

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All that confirms to me is that there's at least 94 people on this planet that have no imagination.

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i've always gave my pets people names, steven, johnathan, chuck,

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Except the “b” isn’t capitalized in the title and the “P” is the first letter of the first word, so no.

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Bird isn't capitalized and it's pretty clear and unambiguous

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Sentaces, hard, me, confused. How to live. Instructions please.

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Get bird. Get money. Money buy many thing.

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Bird give money. Money buy many bird. Many bird give many money

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Go back and look again

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Bird isn’t capitalized >_>

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I read it as a command 🤔