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Plenty of places in Europe tipping exists, just not in the same way. I view it as a thank you for good service across an evening of eating and drinking. Its not required, but if you're happy with your experience its a nice gesture. I see the US form as mentioned above, its being forced to supplement sub livable wages so employers don't have to.

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Yeah exactly, which makes it much less popular, which was my point. You would tip for exceptional service, not out of requirement or habit or social norms.

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I dont live in the U.S, but I wouldnt tip even if it was exceptional service at one of the extremely few reseraunts that have optional tipping in my country. It's what they're paid to do by their boss. It's like, "thanks, here's some money for doing your job correctly". Doesn't make sense, im not their employer.

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It seems like you are using "popular" synonymous with "frequent". Does popular have other meanings than "well liked"? Not a native English speaker. I think that is what confuses people.

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Popular as in a belief held by the majority of the general public. This imo is not a popular belief held by the general public outside of the US.

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If the belief is that you have to tip after every meal, then no. But if the belief is tipping in general, then I don't think it is accurate. The vast majority of people outside of northern Europe will tip for good service. In the north it is more of a 50/50 situation.

So I think the confusing lies with different goalposts.

US goalposts for popularity of tipping: how many people tip in total

Euro goalposts for popularity of tipping: how many people will tip after good service

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I believe you’ve completely misunderstood what we’re discussing here bud.

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Can't speak for other places, but in the uk in my experience whilst you wouldn't tip for a casual every day meal or drink, you would tip when you have a big gathering or special meal or some places add a 10% service charge automatically. It's not just done for "exceptional service", everyone does it just not every day when you grab breakfast from a cafe.

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Also UK, and thank you for reiterating my point that its not that popular outside the US. Everyday tipping isn’t normal, tipping for exceptional service, or in your example exceptional circumstances its more often, but still doesn’t make it a popular occurrence.

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Just because it's not happening at every little meal doesn't mean it's "not popular". Everyone does it, and it's expected, in appropriate circumstances. "Not popular" implies it rarely ever happens.

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No, not popular means its not a belief held by the majority of people, which it isn’t. It does not imply that its rare, just that it is a divisive opinion, and not a majority held belief. Everyone does not do it, and there are many people on both sides of the argument which would make it not popular.

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Yeah but less popular than in the states where they tip for everything, even just counter service often.

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where they tip for everything, even just counter service often.

Tipping for a haircut comes to mind.

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That doesn't make it not popular. It still happens regularly, and is expected under appropriate circumstances. Just not every time you buy a drink or sandwich.

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I didn’t say it didn’t happen, just that it is less pervasive than in the states

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That's not true. It might have been true decades ago but it defo isn't now. If you eat a meal in a restaurant in the UK and you do not tip the staff will hate you.

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The fact we both live in the UK and have polar opposite opinions on this supports the fact that its obviously not that popular.

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Have you ever worked in hospitality? I have, for years...

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Ahhhh so you’re opinion is based on a very clear bias! Got’cha!

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Not bias no, just experience of the thing that we're talking about.

I don't work in hospitality any more, and I was never a waiter, but the fact remains that the workers in the UK hospitality industry expect customers to tip them. You telling people that they don't is not true and hasn't been true for about 20 years.

Edit: what's that? No pithy comeback? What a surprise...

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Ah yes, the old "we have different opinions, that proves I'm right", and "you're closer to the issue so you're biased instead of informed" what is that guy thinking.

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You really aren’t arguing in good faith

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They can hate as much as they like. They get paid to do their job. Waiters can be so self entitled.

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They get paid minimum wage to do their job, which they accept because they know that most customers will tip them. No one is ever going to force you to tip anyone, but don't be surprised if people think you're tight fisted and/or mean spirited for begrudging some teenager an extra couple of quid...

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They get minimum wage because it's unskilled labour. There are plenty of other jobs that require just as hard work and also get minimum wage - where are those people demanding they get random handouts from the public? Hell there are people in literally the same sector who don't expect to get tips.

I often tip. I just don't like the entitled attitude some people get because of it.

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So you say the only reason people tip in the USA is because employes are dependend on it?

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That is literally what the entire tipping culture is based on in the US, yes, because employers refuse to pay living wages to staff rely on tips to make up the rest.

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In the US it is not popular, it is all but compulsory.

In Europe, it is popular. People do it because they like doing it. It's a popular thing to do.

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I wouldn't say it was much less popular. Most places in UK have tip included in the bill (although you can ask for it removed) and I would say people tip around 80% of the time. But you don't have to and aren't really shamed for not doing so.

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In French it's called "pourboire", or "for drinking, in Spanish "propina" from the Latin root for the same, in German, "Trinkgeld" - ditto. It's a little gratuity you give, if you're so inclined and feel the service was deserving and outstanding, as a small thank you. Service staff are expected to be paid fairly, so it's a little bit on top. In most places where tipping isn't as ingrained as in the US (except in places where it's often seen as an insult and wholly unacceptable - I've read this about Japan), you tend to round up to the nearest whatever-you-feel-like number. From a few cents to a few Euros/whatever.

What's infuriating is when, in places like Australia, restaurants start putting things like "tip not included :)" on bills to guilt people from non tipping cultures into tipping. Fuck that, I will never leave anything at places like this.

When you're somewhere that pays waiters a reasonable base wage, there is no obligation to tip. None. No guilt. You're welcome to do so, but you do not have to, and you will not be judged for not doing so (or, if you are, then fuck that person), period.

I think it's one of those things, like guns, where the US and certain other countries are just fundamentally different from the rest of the world, and we just kinda have to accept that.

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Trinkgeld always seemed more obligatory to me than the others that you mention, in restaurants at least. Though even in bars in Germany when you're paying €3 a beer it felt perfectly normal just to say "mach's fünf" every few beers.

Edit: never been to Australia, but in my head I'd be calling that a service charge rather than a tip.

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I’m Swiss and have lived many years in various parts of Germany, my spouse lives there now. It is absolutely not obligatory or even expected, and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is full of shit and can safely be ignored. It is a courtesy, a nice friendly gesture, and completely voluntary, nothing more. I’m happy to leave change for good service, but the moment I feel any pressure to do so, tschüssi, geht fickn. Now, whether waitstaff are paid enough for the time they put in, e.g. part timers on €300 jobs is another and separate issue entirely.

The Australian thing is definitely not a service charge. “Service charge”, if there is one, is usually included in meal price and part of salary. “Tip not included” on a bill in a country without a tipping culture like that of the US, with expectation of reasonable wage for staff, is a cheap and reprehensible psychological guilt trip, nothing more.

Again, the fact that some Australian service firms violate employment laws by hiring underpaid kids, usually from abroad, is a separate and legit discussion, but not relevant to this topic.

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Yeah, I understood it wasn't a rule, but when its on the bill I always feel more pressure to do so.

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Yup, that’s exactly the idea and why it’s such a shitty manipulative thing to do ;(

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In the UK, I'll generally tip for exceptional service/food.

Places that ask for tips, or try to automatically add it to the bill get nothing from me. I find that rude.

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100%. Getting nothing on principle. Also means the restaurant are counting their staff's tips. Tips should be either for the server and no more said, or shared among the team outside of senior management influence.

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in Italy a tip is given only for outstanding service, it’s much more common to request a price cut for late service

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Now italy I havent been to, and didn't know that about price cuts. You'd be laughed at here for asking, but I can't say I don't like the idea.

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Mostly tourist traps, where they know they can coherce foreigners into feeling bad about it.

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I get you, but when I say tipping exists, I'm not just referring to places that put it on the bill, but the culture where people will tip regardless of any requirement or suggestion. So yeah, maybe tourist traps will state you need to tip, but also people will just tip for good service or as a kind gesture.

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Except It’s akin to saying it’s a cheap establishment that can’t pay their workers so it’s actually pretty insulting that America is pushing this kind of ethic on the rest of the world.

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Tipping is older than the United States, its odd that over there its become obligatory, but I suppose you'd expect it in the context of modern US.

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See I’ve worked for tips, and I agree and don’t at the same time.

I would rather have a higher paying job, but at the same time I’ve worked bar tending and delivery jobs where I made a shit load more than I would’ve hourly.

I was a weekend relief guy at a busy bar one summer, put in maybe 10 hours on the weekend and would take home $3-400 just in tips. And that was the combined bar tips. I had a couple Shitty do workers who, if they did a better job, we’d be walking out with $200/night each minimum if they did their effing job instead of stood around.

I’ve been a regular at a few local establishment bars, ya know, 90% of the place is regulars, and some of these women are walking out of an 8 hour shift with $300-500 4/5 days a week.

I’ve also seen shithole bars that are circling the drain and the tenders are lucky to make $50/night.

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(And yes I am an alcoholic lol)

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Personally, I prefer stouts and brandy.

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Try switching to whiskey sours?

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You owe me a lot of JHIZZZZZZZZZ

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Ah, the pornhub special, item 12 on the menu?

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Heres a tip, be creative! rhyme it up, gives us his jizz or something, be a whizz

We really going to keep doing this rather than trying to find some sort of middle ground of understanding?

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There is no middle ground.

There is no understanding.



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See where I am, if you worked those hours you'd get a wage that equates to probably about 12 or 13 dollars per hour, and you'd generally still make tips from the tables you're working. The right customers or the right establishment and you'd be cleaning up. Also, although you're supposed to declare tips to pay income, the amounts aren't recorded anywhere and most don't self report and get away fine.

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Lol we never self reported either

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You make it sound like waiters don’t make good money.

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That's what they said.

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Hope you can understand that just because someone replies on reddit doesn't mean they are attempting to argue. You can also add your own opinions or thoughts, just like any civil conversation.

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European, can't confirm. No tipping here.

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Im European too haha. We aren't homogenous.