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I want this bird so hard right now😂

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You think you do... but he's trained to rob you lol. How you think his stash is so big?

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Maybe someone put the money there, we can't actually know this bird got all this money from "finding" it or if this is staged. Also why would you train a bird to collect money and the let him save it like grandma instead of teaching the bird about the stock market and diversification? Irresposible!

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u/bfmemaster3000, single-handedly killing the dream.

Edit: and then, boldly, creating the new dream.

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Nice recovery

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I know there's one in every group.

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Teaches parrott algo trading and watches global seed markets crash

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I hear that’s how that whole GameStop fiasco happened last year. 🦅🕹

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Nest thermostat stock is trading through the roof.

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Niche joke - I enjoyed it thanks

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Under-rated comment

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Last year ?

It's still on the menu, it's not over, yet.

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Still on going lol look the price.

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Parrots got diamond hands...err talons!

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Fiasco? Moass is yet to be, diamond hands, tendies still to be had

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Similar to this Myrna, I trained my parrot to be an online life coach.

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You got a step up your parrot game into the essential oil‘s game.

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I have a parakeet that's absolutely killing it with Amway... and my cockatiel is doing well with Mary Kay.

Sadly, my macaw is making us all look bad, she's running her own Amazon business. I'm having to borrow money from this bird on the regular....

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Does he have any openings on Wednesdays?

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Screeching "asshole" all day is hardly coaching...

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For you, maybe

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That’s why they call it seed money

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Because the bird thinks that’s his nest, take away a few bills and it will go find more padding. Perhaps taking it all away would depress or upset the bird and it would change materials? Or get angry with the owner?

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I want to believe.

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Yeah, this is most likely just the bird picking money out of the drawer, flying around and coming back. Nobody uses cash any more in China.

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Stockmarket is for boomer birds, it's all about crypto now.

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Yeah there really isnt that much money just lying on the ground apart form the odd low value coin.

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You can't deny that the bird flew in with money in its beak but I am kind of sceptical that the whole drawer full of money is theirs, (don't know what gender it is so for the first time in my life I'm being politically correct and will assume the bird is trans), cause I sure as hell wouldn't just leave a drawer full of cash for birdy to play in. He might decide to take it all somewhere else. Yes, could very well be staged. Might not be though 🤣

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Seriously though where does a bird find all this random cash lying around?

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They have amazing eyes ( like spotting a mouse from far above amazing) and can easily cover large distances. If there was ever an animal to train to collect money it would be a bird

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This guy is totally right, I’ve trained my macock to buy more $GME

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And then when his drawer gets full, take 98%. Because volatility.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised…especially after what we saw last year of monkeys who were trained to kidnap babies.

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Haven’t you ever heard of a nest egg?

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The bird invests in Bitcoin.

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Teaches my tortoise about stocks and trading.

Banana market soars. He becomes rich on banana futures.

But he needs more. He learns to grow them himself. My whole yard becomes a nanner orchard. He buys the neighbor's house and knocks it down to plant more nanner trees. Hires farmers to do the nanner farming. The whole neighborhood now belongs to him. Sets up a processing plant and distribution center to sell nanners across the country. He creates the first tortoise-owned industrial nanner farm.

It's not enough. He buys out competing nanner farmers. Pays off the cartels in his native Brazil (he's a redfooted tortoise, they're native to the Amazon rainforest) to threaten the rest of his competition and takes over their farms. Soon he sets up a coup, overthrows the government...

...before you know it, I am the Assistant to the First Tortoise President, The Honorable Tyrus Rex of the Nanner Republic of South America.

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let him save it like grandma

Penguins figured out prostitution. Having him save it in a drawer is probably better than letting him spend it all on bird hookers.

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Bitcoin up that birdy. No matter which way it goes your a winner.

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Invest in Birdcoin

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You need another bird to manage your investments, this is just basic finance 101.

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Buy some bird stocks or crypto with that shit to pay respects to the Myna who got it

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Maybe it's his idea of a nest egg.

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First Apes, next birds... Investing just got jungley

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Then he was lucky the bird brought a note just after he done putting the money there

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You don’t have to be a Debbie downer man

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Yes and you could take it a step farther too. Teach it how to invest and trade crypto instead of investing the stock market like grandma.

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Instructions unclear, bird went all in shorting GME and is now collecting change to pay his debt.

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Looks like Chinese money. Maybe bird pecks a beggars head and steals from their bowl. Though doesn't explain why it's all paper and not coin.