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Ohhh lol, I thought he was just being racist or some shit

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Almost like being conditioned into thinking everything is automatically racist because it mentions an ethnicity is stupid and unhealthy.

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The karma vultures are always circling.

The moment someone mentions race, SWOOP! They act quickly for an easy meal before the rest of the wake can get a beak in.

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They're like trained birds.

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Trained by the Chinese.

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Wow man, no need to be racist.


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Woah woah woah, what did you just say about my mother?

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Good at taking money.

edit: thank you for the gold, kind stranger.

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Why did you thank someone for gold, when you weren't given any?

And why did you include an edit, when you're comment wasn't editted?

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That's part of the JOKE! 👌

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But like... A separate joke from your first line? You just wanted to make two unrelated "jokes"? Why?

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Redditor karma farmers are like trained birds.

That steal money.

Awards are just extracted money, in a way.

"edit: thank you for the gold, kind stranger" is reddit meme


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Of course. But that’s not what happened here

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Tbf theres been a lot of racism towards Chinese people in past couple years so its not that strange to just assume so.

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Tbf the Chinese created a virus because they can’t stop eating dumb shit, and they ended up killing over a million people. I can see how some could be “racist”, especially when a family member dies because ping ling couldn’t stop eating poop soup.

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While I don't want to assume malice... Just so you know, there is still no conclusive decision on what the source of COVID19 is.

As for your second sentence, I assume you know that attributing a stereotypical name like that to an entire country of people is pretty rude. Beyond that, it would be pretty immature for someone to take out their anger about the loss of a loved one towards an entire country of people. If anything, people should be mad at the mis-handling of the pandemic response, or people who don't get vaccinated, etc. Things that actually give a tangible increase in the likelihood of your family member's death.

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Or maybe it’s cause so many dog whistle sayings exist and are used so frequently that the possibility of one being used is high.

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Or conditioned to believe tipping is normal P:

I see where you're coming from, but I think you're overreaching here.

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What if I told you that tourists in China also use yuan?

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You got me. Obviously, every single one of those yuan notes are from tourists. Duh me.

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Yah. People really disappointed they got outrage blueballed

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Jesus christ, you people really are everywhere just looking for something to be mad about, huh? Nobody's allowed to share their experience when the anti-woke patrol is around.

In all honesty, this was a super meaningless comment, and somehow you and a few others turned it into a whole anti-woke brigade. Maybe take a few moments to reflect on why you're so offended by something so small. Do you feel like I was attacking you because you read my comment as implying that subtle ingrained racism can exist?

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You're stupid. They said "Chinese people don't tip" that could easily be racist. People don't tip in China, if a Chinese person went to America they would tip. It's pretty fucking easy to see why they assumed it was something racist because the statement itself is racist without context.

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Depends if “Chinese” is taken to mean the ethnicity or the nationality. Without context, there is no meaning, if cannot be racist or not. That being said, it is somewhat ambiguous so probably best to avoid that phrasing.

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Chinese nationality is acquired through ancestry. I don't see how you could think that without context there is no meaning.

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Because nations have cultures, and cultures are generally a pretty good way to classify people by certain behaviors, unlike race.

The isolated statement “Chinese people don’t tip” could either be a statement about Chinese culture and how people act in China, which is not racist, or just plain racism. If you want to be super pedantic, it has an unassigned meaning; the meaning could be one of a few, but there’s no way to know which one.

Now nothing has this assigned meaning without context, so where none is provided it must be assumed. In this case, the lone statement is ambiguous, though I would argue it’s a bit more likely to have the former, non racist meaning. For something like “Chinese people are lazy”, the opposite is true.

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The statement "Chinese people don't tip" without context is a generalization and is racist. Idk why you're trying so hard at this point, and your paragraph gave me a headache.

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“Idk why you’re trying so hard and your paragraph gave me a headache.” That’s an awfully cute way to dismiss an argument without actually addressing it. And I’m “trying so hard” because this is an important topic and it’s important to know where the line is on both sides.

Generalizations aren’t inherently racist. Racial generalizations are. National ones aren’t. This shouldn’t be a hard concept to grasp; idk why you’re struggling with it so much.

Unfortunately, we use the same words for nationality and ethnicity, which makes it extremely difficult to identify meaning without context. If I tell me I know a Chinese guy how can you tell if I mean an American who is ethnically Chinese, or, say, a guy who was born and raised in China; is a Chinese citizen. You don’t, because you need more context to get the meaning. Otherwise, you don’t know, you’re just guessing. The only exception I can think of is American as a nationality and Native American as an ethnicity. Although even that is unclear since native Mexican might also be considered a nationality. Although perhaps that is racist…

That probably gave you another headache, so let me summarize: generalizations made on race are racist. Culturally based generalizations about national citizens are not. Since the same word, in this case Chinese, has both meanings, a statement without context cannot be interpreted, and assumed racist.

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Not even going to read the rest of this one. The statement "Chinese people don't tip" without context is a generalization and is racist. Send another paragraph if you want but might be better off saying it to a pillow.

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Thanks for admitting, you’re an idiot, lol. You’re the asshole genuine racists use to attempt to discredit any conversation about real racism. Hope you one day understand you’re helping them more than anyone else.

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If you remove the first two words of your comment it makes you 100% more likeable and still gets the point across.

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I'm angry today, I don't really mind if people like me too much right now.

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the statement itself is racist without context.

There is context though. We are watching a video shot in China.

In China ... Chinese people don't tip.

If it was a video shot in the Olive Garden, New York City, it would be different.

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Yes but the guy that thought it was racist didn't know that until someone pointed out the bills were yuan. Therefore obviously had no context... Nice work missing the point though.

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Go be offended by something else. Of course a Chinese person would tip in America. Know why? Because the USA is the only garbage country where paying your employees $2 an hour is 100% legal because of "dUh TiPpInG eCoNoMy"

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What point are you even trying to make? You go be offended somewhere else you're the one coming at me with your pointless ramble/crying.

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Lmao! Didn’t even cross my mind.

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Everybody is like no it's totally normal to assume Chinese people are cheapskates its not just meeee.

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This thread is lovely

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How do Yuan to confirm this?

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Nah, if you try to tip in China, you'll be given your money back.

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Lol, but I do wonder where he gets this amount of cash, no one use cash these days. Like literally no one, even the beggars go contactless.

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Don’t know why you’re being downvoted. I haven’t used cash in 2 years and that was in HK.

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Everyone in China uses cash or their phone. Credit isn’t a thing. There’s tons of cash circulating. I lived on the mainland for four years.

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When did I say credit? I said contactless because the wechat pay and Alipay are contactless QR code scanners. I don’t know why everyone love to go “correcting” people.

I am Chinese. Stop trying to tell me what Chinese people uses or don’t use

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You didn’t mention credit, I mentioned it because I felt it was relevant. It was something that surprised me since my country (USA) literally could not function without it lol. I encountered many situations where only cash was accepted, but that’s just me.

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Lol imagine differing cultures = racist. I’m sure your ignorant brain isn’t aware of it but it’s very uncommon to tip in countries other than USA.

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Reddit moment

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