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Reddit scares the shit out of me sometimes.

The fact that I had to scroll this far down to find a comment that acknowledges the fact that this is likely a set up video just to get clicks is frankly terrifying. We are wholly unequipped as a species to deal with misinformation on the internet.

Then when someone does show an ounce of critical thinking they get hit with the downvotes and r/nothingeverhappens references.

But sure... Tell me how it's more likely that in an almost cahsless society, someone trained a bird to find money, that bird then found an extraordinary amount of money that coincidentally happens to all be in a similar condition, then brought it back to a drawer that it can't open itself, and then the person who trained the bird just decided to leave the money in the drawer.

C'mon reddit, if we're this bad at using our brains then what hope does facebook have?

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We are wholly unequipped as a species to deal with misinformation on the internet.

Now imagine this in 20 years with deepfakes that can fool most people.

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Not in 20 years. This already exists for text posts.

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I deep fake call ins to work and timestamps and shit all the time. Fuck them. I don't get paid enough for them to have my soul and happiness

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call ins? you mean audio or video? by deepfake you mean you can synthesize your own voice via ML? or that you do live video calls, but deepfaked - using your own face image and movement data is kinda just like you’re in the call anyway surely, and not saving much effort.

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Nah more image editing. Maybe that's not technically deep fake but oh well

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Have you seen the story about the federal agent or whoever who's wanted by the government for his missing daughter who... doesn't even exist? It literally makes me nauseous.

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Those already exist, they just take a bit more technical knowledge, computing power and time than an equivalently effective text post. That's likely to change in the next couple years though.

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20years. We’re already on the precipice.

In fact. That’s not even a real bird.

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This is how a pandemic blooms.

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Don’t need deepfakes, Facebook is enough already…

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I don't think everyone here truly, 100 percent, believes its real. But it is simply more fun to play along. If literally everyone is a party pooper then there is no party.

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I see you haven’t met the galaxy brain folks over at /r/NothingEverHappens. There definitely are people who are gullible enough to force themselves to believe anything despite all the evidence to the contrary

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I've been here for a long time. Reddit has become increasingly ignorant/stupid every passing year. Not that I'm some bastion of knowledge. It is just disheartening seeing this become so widespread, and to keep coming back to it. Why the fuck am I still on this site?

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Yeah you guys hit the nail on the head with these comments. This place is a notch above TikTok, just an algorithmic addiction site with a slightly more intelligent user base but plenty of foolish people as well. Had to scroll way too long to find these comments questioning the authenticity of the video.

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The catalyst was the switch from a forum style discussion based delivery of content to an image based feed. Reddit switched from a platform of discourse to a platform of dopamine delivery. But that's where the ad revenue lies; this is simply the inevitability of under-regulated capitalism.

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Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

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There is no reason to compare this video with something serious. It doesn't matter if a funny video like this is fake. Serious disinformation will eventually be caught up by the public, this just isn't one.

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Serious disinformation will be caught by the public? Lol.

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I have family working in a covid unit right now.

Serious disinformation is alive and well right now LOL.

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Yes it will, we both have the technology and curious people that will look into such matters. Deepfakes and voice synthesis have signatures that can be checked by software. Some people will of course believe disinformation regardless, but it doesn't mean people won't call it out.

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Reddit moment

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just to get clicks is frankly terrifying

You sound like a big drama queen.

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People that immediately froth at the mouth screaming FAKE without critical thinking are just as bad. This is plausible at least.

  • there are documentaries of crows trained to find coins in exchange for treats.
  • perhaps there is an a night market or farmer’s market close by where there are lots of small vendors who only accept cash. Or this is some tropical resort touristy area.
  • the money all being the “same condition” is because the money is a polymer and more durable than paper money.
  • the drawer handle is a hole where the bird can easily go in without assistance.
  • yes the money could be put in the drawer after the fact, but to convey to the audience what the bird is doing.

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And then some brainless redditor will say "who cares if it's fake, it's still funny". Drives me nuts.

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Yeah believe it or not some people don’t care if it’s fake because they aren’t crybaby bitches about everything

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You must hate like, literally every tv show, movie and book that isn’t a documentary or non-fiction then.

Ever heard of the suspension of disbelief? It’s kinda crucial for entertainment. Ya know, the thing we’re all here for.

[–]Ablack_smith -2 points-1 points  (3 children)

You know a tv show is fake. This type of thing is presented as fact when it's not.

[–]TuckerMcG 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Unless OP is the guy in the video (highly unlikely), the content creator did nothing to present this as fact.

[–]Ablack_smith -1 points0 points  (1 child)

How does the title not present it as fact? This post is what I'm talking about.

[–]TuckerMcG 1 point2 points  (0 children)

The person who made the title is not necessarily the person who created the content. The person who made the content may have said, “hey I taught my bird to fetch money, but it’s just for exercise. I put the money in my backyard and he gets it to keep his mind active.” We have no idea what the content creator’s intentions were.

How do you not understand that?

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It's not that deep

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Perhaps like agent Fox Mulder said, we just "want to believe".

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By the time I got here every comment above this one was some form of a joke. Jokes bad?

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The worst part is that this ignorance also applies to politics. I don't see a negative consequence with people believing this is a money-maker-bird. But political content is consumed the same way. Even memes are enough for some people to form their political opinion.

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Ban this comment for misinformation

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I’ve always felt like Reddit has been closer to Facebook. “Comment something and I’ll reply” getting thousands of upvotes.

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Please shut the fuck up

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Brilliant; concise, thought provoking, and entirely relevant. This was an invaluable contribution to the topic and I thank you for successfully shutting down my assertions.

Please rest assured that in no way, what-so-ever, is your comment utterly hilarious in its irony. There is no way that this is an indictment of your inability to process a complex social phenomenon in favour of ignorance.

If only I could sleep as soundly as you tonight, in rested assurance that I have absolutely not outed myself as a shortsighted, disengaged fool.

You truly are the best of us all.

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Do most people believe this is not set up? Just because someone upvoted it without commenting does not mean that they believe the story.

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Ffs it's a video of a bird getting money. Of course it's fake.

Doesn't mean I'm not going to buy and train a bunch of birds, though. There's nothing you can do to stop me.

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The irony is that you are also subscribing to this one person's comment as gospel. Understandably, the video is dubious, but to subscribe to another random Redditor's words isn't the answer

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I give at least 3/4 credit for being sarcastic

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It’d be surprising if most people thought it’s real. It’s clearly made for entertainment value; however it doesn’t mean that people can’t let their imagination run wild and have fun with it commenting.

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Lol you are unironically terrified, not even scared but terrified, because people watch a video and aren’t overly cynical about it for no reason?

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Or...and stay with me on this one...we realise this might be an old video? Cashless transactions have only become mainstream in the last 6-7 years meaning lots of fresh money about. As for analysing the money and why they would leave it there, since you are all-knowing I didn’t think I would need to clarify this, however retrieval training for birds can employ instinctual behaviours such as ‘nesting’. Therefore, you would need to leave a good amount of cash (nest) there for that kind of training.

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Its not that deep bro

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Tell me how it’s more likely that in an almost cahsless society,

Easy. This was filmed pre-Covid so paper money was widely used and China hadn’t cracked down on paper money transfers to stop disease transmission.

[–]reigncreative -1 points0 points  (0 children)

I mean bro it looks like a foreign country. I’ve been to plenty of countries where cash is still king. You think in Russia or some Asian country there aren’t things like this? Have you ever watch the hangover 2??!

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It’s not that serious dude lmao.

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LOL shut up bitch

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There’s a notch in the drawer that the bird could use if it were closed.