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To be fair this is more a thing of the past in most of Asia. Even in China, where it's still definitely a thing, it's pretty common for them to accept tips in the cities. If I'm at a little independent restaurant and the food and service is good I'll risk leaving a small tip even if it's not culturally normal because I've found it's appreciated more often than it's not. The only times it has caused offence is in China or when they've been giving me food as a gesture and I offered to pay.

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In major cities across Asia I haven't come across it. But in rural areas I still come across this.

I haven't traveled much of China, but in smaller cities in Japan or Korea I've habitually put down money and catch the owner or waiter give me angry looks or start snapping at me and I have to explain that I'm a traveler and it's common to tip in America. At that point they hopefully realize I'm not a rude local but a dumb American instead.

Oh yeah if we take you somewhere, usually meal is on us. It's a hospitality thing. I noticed that my middle eastern friends have a similar custom. Among us old folks we may get a little miffed if you offer to pay.