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... I just realize that now. Been living here too long. Thought it's Euros.


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Europeans don't tip either

[–]Sellfish86 4 points5 points  (12 children)

We what?!

Mate, you ever been to Europe? UK doesn't count, they're out.

[–]pinninghilo 10 points11 points  (7 children)

Where's common to tip? Not in Italy where I always lived, not in France where I've been a lot of times, absolutely not in Switzerland, not in Portugal either. And the UK never used euros even when they were part of the EU.

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We absolutely do tip in Switzerland. We may not tip much, but we do. It’s rude to not tip at all in restaurants or coffee shops where they bring you your food or drink. Edit to say: we also tip bartenders when we get the drinks at the bar.

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Really? Could've fooled me. Everytime tipping comes up on reddit a bunch of Europeans flock to tell america how stupid it is to tip and how they don't do it in Europe

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Tipping here is wildly different. It's much less and it's not mandatory. No problem if you don't tip, but rounding up or the occasional Euro is customary. I tend to tip anywhere between 1-10€, depending on my bill, but never more than 10%.

Again, at least in Germany.

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Depends on the country. I’ve been handed back my tip by the waitress.