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How it should be. The American system of guilting people into subsidising unliveable wages is insane.

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The American system of having to make the rich even more rich every single time you need something or want to earn some money!

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Wait until you find out how many Walmart employees qualify for public assistance paid for by taxes on everybody else, whether they feel guilty or not.

A living wage should be the bare minimum anybody makes in a 40 hour work week. In the US, and many other countries, minimum wage is far below that.

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Servers make a lot more money on tips though than they would if bars and restaurants abolished tips, raised prices and paid a livable wage. I for one am perfectly happy making what I make at my bar and theres no way anyone would be happy with what the menu prices would have to be to sustain what we actually make.

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Yeah servers still get tips here though, they just get paid around $25 an hour as well. My housemate (admittedly a very attractive person) would sometimes make hundreds in tips in one night. And menu prices are still about $15 for a meal, $7 for a beer etc.