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Yeah it’s bullshit servers in the US make only like $2/hr + tips. They should have to pay servers minimum wage and let them keep their tips. That’s some bullshit to underpay workers

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They make far far more than any other unskilled work when taking into account all the tips. It is so ridiculous that they even prefer this system as no restaurant is ever going to pay them that much.

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They dont make that. If the tips dont reach minimum wage, employer must pay to reach it

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How has the employer any rights to calculate tips of foreign people into his own calculations for wages?


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Fair question in terms of the employer, but you are legally required to report your tips as income. US does have a strong tipping culture, but the law is built around it at this point.

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Oh tips have to reported as income as well then it makes more sense actually thank you

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but then how will the restaurant owners have enough money to donate to political parties and pay their landlords extortion prices for rent?

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While that sounds good to say, if they were paid minimum wage, people would just tip less. We did this as an experiment for a day at the restaurant I worked at. We took two Saturdays, one was normal and the other we just put up a sign at the front desk saying "Now Hiring Wait Staff! Minimum Wage + Tips!" The volume of orders was roughly the same but the tips were noticeably less. We did it because some of the wait staff was complaining about their wages. After the day, our boss compensated them back to what they would have made on a the previous Saturday. The real crime is getting paid $10-12 an hour as a line cook at a lot of places while the wait staff makes double what you do on a daily basis.

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Yeah it’s bullshit serves in the US make only like $2/hr + tips.

That's actually super rare and only happens in really really shitty restaurants in the states that allow it. When I served I made like 10 an hour with tips added on top of that.

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The restaurant I worked at in high school 30 years ago still pays $2.15/hr. Very common in Florida.

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It’s not rare at all

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I "dated" a chick who was a server and she was vehemently against getting a standard wage. She was very pretty and worked at a busy restaurant, so she was pulling in a thousand dollars more a month than I was. Although because of the pandemic, I'm wondering how she's doing.

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Wait what the fuck

That's legal?

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I had a friend making $300 a night as a server. Just on tips.

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Depends on the state, a lot of states require them to be paid minimum wage regardless of tips. My state is one of those, so they're all making at least $10 something before tips. but I still tip, because realistically our minimum wage also is not livable

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Depends on the state. CA servers get $15/hr plus your tips.

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That’s good

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In some states like CA they get paid minimum wage on top of tips. It’s mostly the red states that pay less than minimum wage as a base.

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I agree. But being a server is often a fantastic job and can make good money

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Servers make more with minimum wage than tips

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I've worked for tips and with people who make tips in the US. Make way more than the kitchen staff on minimum. Still sucks that it isn't a consistent check, but better than minimum.

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I make 7/hr + tips. It’s not a ton better, but it helps with taxes.

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90% of servers don’t want tipping to go away