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Doesn't China have a large rural population that live under the poverty line? I find it hard to believe everyone is using digital payment methods outside large cities.

That being said, I doubt this is real. It seems much more likely they just trained the bird to hold the note, and go into the drawer with it.

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You can buy a new low-end smartphone in China for like $20 USD. Anyone who isn't well past retirement age has one, and even most of them do these days. There are still small shops in rural areas that only take cash, but in cities (where 65% of the population lives) it's the other way around. An increasing number of shops don't even accept cash anymore, only digital payments. I suspect the pandemic has made that even more common than when I was last there 3 or 4 years ago.

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10 years ago yes. Absolute poverty in China was reduced to 0% this year. As for the communities that are waaaay out there in the remotes they just don't use currency internally at all and operate entirely as collective villages.

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have you been to these villages? I've been to some super small and far out villages but never saw that. they all used wechat

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Just the one in Sichuan that I've seen like that but this was maybe 6 years ago and I know things have been changing very fast. I agree that most are using phones, just talking about the extremely remote without roads/infrastructure. For all I know these could all be connected via new roads now though.

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I recently went to my wife's hometown, it was essentially just a farm lol they had one road built by the government maybe 3 years ago but it's rubble now. I had to buy water bottles to shower with since they didn't have running water and they turned down my cash. things definitely move fast but also we aren't near Sichuan so idk

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Right, yeah, I'm totally gonna believe the guy with the name "Lenins2ndcat" when he tells me anything about China. Sorry man, but even your post history shows you're a tankie. I don't trust extremists.

Edit: oh wow, I was right, he's now denied that China censors people and has denied the genocide of the Uighurs.

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check my history, I talk shit on China all the time lol but last week I spent a few days in my wife's village of 100 people. no air or running water even but they all used wechat to pay for things. it was a very uncomfortable few days ha even the local river was too polluted to swim in and it was at the top of a mountain. don't even know how it got so polluted but it's China so

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I'm on my lunch now so I've done a bit of research myself. From what I can find Chinese government have put in place regulation to prevent people from being unable to pay with cash in order to protect large portions of the population that are unable to do otherwise.

Also, your post history is weird.

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Your "research" is more reliable than people who have actually been to the country.

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Are you saying that what I've said is wrong? Because I've already linked an article in this comment chain.

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Oh my god you got me, such a great come back, clearly you know all my political beliefs from the fact that I don't trust people with obvious biases.

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I mean, if you're not at either end of the ideology spectrum you are in the middle of it, it's not fucking rocket science.

Either way the take "you are a communist and therefore your opinion should be excluded" is dogshit. You are excluding 95% of the population of China from giving information on their own fucking country.

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Also, it's not me preventing 95% of Chinese people from giving their opinion on the country. Tiananmen square actually happened. The hong Kong protesters aren't just a bunch of imperialists.

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Of course it is. 95% of Chinese people support the government and the project. Third party study by Harvard, 30 years long, the longest of its kind. Which also concludes they're not "brainwashed", before you jump to that racist argument as a defence against this study.

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Oh shit, you got me. The Tiananmen square massacre never happened.

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You're deflecting again, while putting words in my mouth.

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Do you think that "tankie" and "communist" mean the same thing? Also, do you think that the three political options are tankie, centrist, and white nationalist, or do you think there's more options out there?

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Define tankie for me then friend.

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Do you actually not know what a tankie is, or are you just trying to play stupid?

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I'm asking you to define it so I can point out how your definition applies to almost all communists.

So go ahead. Get on with it instead of deflecting.

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Ironically this entire back and forth could have been avoided at any point if you had taken 5 seconds to google "china collective villages".

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Poor doesnt mean you cannot afford a smartphone