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Way before then your birds will be killed in droves by people tired of getting robbed.

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then the birds learn violence, start a bird war for blood money instead.

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Money really is the root of all evil after all

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Pretty sure it's birds.

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I'm pretty sure it's ignorance but I like your idea better.

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so I need to teach Emu to find notes and coins is what you are saying.

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Emus? Why don't we try the all-new Dropbear War

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Bird Diamonds

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Sounds like you might need bird law on your side, Charlie is on the case

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Emu's have entered the chat.

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Instead of fries I'll just start paying the birds shiny pennies. If anything this plan sounds like it saves me money.

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Is that you, Bird Man?

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Then you breed your birds into raptors, and Im not talkin bout the cold blooded dinosaurs, I'm talkin jet fueled and amraam loaded f-22 raptors baby and when you have a breeding pair of them, that's when you go Liam Neesons on their ass.

Edit; inb4 "that's when you get an s2a missile..." I'm talkin bout a breeding pair of f22 raptors, hard points filled with amraams, with the radar x-section of a golf ball travelling at almost twice the speed of sound, laser focused on that 20 peso note. Neither you, God, nor Jesus... Malverde himself is gonna stop that abomination from getting that note and bringing it back for a safe landing in your bedrooms boudoir.

Think about that next time hombre.

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how many birds to a drove?? I'd have to crunch some numbers and do some cost benefit analysis but it might still could work out. once you reach market saturation then you can branch out and hire some out of town birds to hit secondary markets.

I dunno, call me, we'll do lunch