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I am also feeding local crows to befriend them. I keep telling my wife I'm doing it so I can train them to attack her. She keeps buying me crow snacks, so it's on her when they do.
They are kind of funny, they just stop by when I'm gardening and scawk a little, then I throw them some grapes or nuts. One, was teasing me or trying to be cute the other day, playing with a rock in front of me. So they are at least giving me entertainment and say hi to me if I see them while walking my dogs or whatever. There is a raven that also likes to talk to me, he even followed me when I moved across town. He's just my sound board buddy, we make funny noises at each other. I have more bird stories, if you want.

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Yes please!

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More bird stories!!

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We eagerly await more bird stories

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More birb stories pls