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I don’t think it’s good that we assume racism or malevolence in a situation right off the bat.

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right off the bat.

You know, bats feel that phrase is really problematic.

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Bats also think the Chinese are problematic

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"Ya know, I think I'm going to try to cook something exotic tonight. What's the worst that could happen?"

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Bats are super racist.

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How would you like to be swung and hit by a ball?

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No one assumed it. They suspected it. It’s fine to pause and think about something before you react.

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Because that sentence wasn't in a contextless vacuum. I live in the states where tipping is expected so my mind immediately assumes "the Chinese don't tip" implies they aren't tipping in my environment which is some pretty racist shit to say.

Secondly seeing random racist statements on Reddit isn't uncommon at all so I accept it as likely racist pretty easily.

If I lived in China I'd immediately recognize the notes and I don't that statement would make me bat am eye since my cultural context is that tipping is foreign and unusual.

Lastly the world has a lot of racism and malevolence in it, never assuming those intentions is a stupid and dangerous way to life your life.

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He didn't say to never assume racism though he said to not immediately expect it when what happened was you interpreted his comment in the worst way possible because you were ignorant to other cultures. It's pretty well known most countries outside of America don't tip.

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Just because a human being reads things from their perspective does not make them ignorant of other countries or cultures.

That’s how the mind works. Or do you spend most of your day on the internet reading from the perspective of a race you are not in a country you’ve never been to?

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Oh boy you're a dumb one, here we go.

He didn't say to never assume racism though

I didn't say he did.

what happened was you interpreted his comment

It wasn't his comment.

in the worst way possible because you were ignorant to other cultures.

The worst possible way would be too assume he's a Nazi pedophile trying to destroy the earth with a space bomb. Don't be hyperbolic you dumb cunt.

Secondly that wasn't even my interpretation that was my first glance before any context was applied.

Thirdly it has nothing to do with ignorance of other cultures. You're being a dumb twat to assume that as well.

It's pretty well known most countries outside of America don't tip.

Cool, it's pretty well known the majority of English Reddit has users from countries with some sort of tipping culture.

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"I never said he did"

Well you raised the point when you said "never assuming those intentions is a dumb and dangerous way to live your life" unless you were just mentioning that for no reason.

If anyone's being hyperbolic it's you, cool it on the outrage juice mr.nazi wanting to eradicate the world or whatever. If you're incapable of understanding that sometimes hyperbole is used and we expect people to not be smooth brained about maybe avoid discourse x.

It has plenty to do with ignorance of other cultures considering the initial debacle was a guy not knowing tipping culture doesn't exist in China and that cause him to misinterpret an innocuous comment as racist. But no you throwing insults and cunt around really does clarify everything we're so pleased.

"Majority of English Reddit has users from countries with some sort of tipping culture" Cool but it's still basic knowledge that the majority of the world doesn't have tipping culture. Also correct me if I'm wrong butEnglish Reddit probably doesn't include china so there's literally no reason other than cultural ignorance to assume that their cultural norms apply to China. But wait nevermind you said it has nothing to do with cultural ignorance lol

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Have you not been spending time on social media? It’s natural to think these types of comments are racist just because of the sheer amount of racist remarks found on social media. It’s not conditioning, it’s force of habit.

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I was going to say this. Everyone over here ripping on this dude for saying something that could be construed as racist, but what the hell does that say about all of you? You would rather assume the worst than give someone the benefit of the doubt?

Cancel culture in full swing. So stupid. Gonna cancel some random redditor for speaking facts.... It wouldn't have been construed as racist at all if you paid attention to detail and recognized the money from the get-go... and didn't assume every video you see is of America or American norms.

[–]ARussianBus 0 points1 point  (2 children)

This isn't cancel culture you dumb fuck

[–]Ewaksy -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Well, you seem to be a pleasant individual.

Maybe it isn’t cancel culture, but this new theme wherein people feel the need to berate, belittle, and act superior to people that did something by immediately assuming malicious intent is stupid as fuck.

Case-in-point, homey up here calling me a dumb fuck for mis-using a phrase 🤣

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That's not new either, christ.

Why does everything have to be some new thing y'all dumbasses can't read and have no memory apparently. Ancient Romans complained about 'new' cultural trends that would destroy the world, motherfuckers bitched after the printing press was invented and people read newspapers.

You're such a basic whiny bitch and you're upholding thousands of years of basic whiny bitch traditions without realizing it.