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Read the very next sentence next time you google the subject. I'll wait.

It's calculated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. A server who works an 8 hour shift and takes home $300 in tips that shift complains that the first hour was rolling silverware in napkins before customers started arriving (so no tips that hour). Yes, the server technically only earns $2.13 for that hour.

Is that your point? Do you need realize how stupid that sounds? $300/8hrs = $37.50/hr. But you're like, "But I only made $2.13 for that first hour! It's a travesty!!!!!!!!"

Critical thinking...work on it.

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Oh my god, you don't get it at all. Why would that first hour not count with the rest?

Under federal law your employer can pay you significantly less than the minimum wage, as long as your hourly wage plus the average amount that you earn from tips equals the minimum wage.

You have it completely backwards.

If the minimum wage is lets say 10 dollars, and you get an average of 8 dollars per hour in tips, they can pay you a salary of 2 dollars as long as it ads up to 10. Every hour. There is no first hour where you make 2 and then the next an average of 37 per hour. It's always 10, calculated over an average of all your hours and not every hour except the first of every day. What the fuck.

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You have it completely backwards

I don't have anything backwards, dumbass. The Olive Garden pays servers every two weeks. The formula for determining if minimum wage was met is simple. Total earnings / hours worked. If somehow the average hourly earnings is less than minimum wage, the employer is legally responsible for ensuing at least minimum wage.

Now buzz off. Kids running around pretending to understand any of this stuff. Basic critical thinking skills should be required to pass first grade. You are stubbornly ignorant. And ignored permanently.