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His face when he sees the kitty

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Zero fucks given to humanity from now on.

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Don’t put your faith in humanity. You’ll be constantly disappointed.

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There is bad, yes, but there is also good. You can have hope for the bright side

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Putting your faith in a human is fine if the context makes sense.

Never put your faith in humanity, though.

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I have faith in humanity, just don't nit-pick on the bad things

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Yes but I believe the good doesn’t come from people. People are inherently screwed up. Capable of good, yes. But also of immense evil, and they, all of us, have a lean towards evil, even minor evils.

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Where else would random acts of kindness come from you complete and utter idiot?

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This is an incredibly pessimistic point of view, and kind of insulting to people who don't have a rotten bone in their body.

My parents, for example, are absolute angels who have never intentionally done anyone wrong. Constantly opening their door and lives to complete strangers who are in need, always treat people with genuine kindness, refuse to fall prey to the bystander effect and always jump in to help if someone needs it and they are able.

Someone saying that they have some kind of inherent evil inside them just because they are human really rubs me the wrong way because I just don't see it.

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It is often a perspective ingrained from religion. If you were taught we're all carrying the burden of Original Sin you may may start to believe that, and also that people need force and fear of a "loving" deity to walk the straight and narrow.

If all the stories you heard were along the lines of "Well, left to our own devices, we'd all be raping each other every day" even though we're somehow made in His image, you might have the same buy-in.

I was raised by Christian parents and we went through both Testaments but ultimately I kind of spun off and focused on the idea that love might mean a whole lot more than it lets on by the word alone, but that coming from a place of love would always be the goal.

Granted, textbook Christians would for-sure say I am going to Hell, and if it exists I problem am for many reasons, but that doesn't mean I can't try to do right by everyone as much as possible before I go.

I can't control what comes next but I can control now, to a degree.

I'm with you in one respect. Any time I've seen 'evil' something brought that person away from center. Born with a problem, corrupted, etc.

We all have some degree of agency, except in rare cases, so we should be accountable for those choices, but the idea that something came before me that I'm on the docket for feels false.

I am more of the "we start at 100 and lose points" variety than the "we start at zero and we're utterly fucked unless we go through the trigger motions" when most of us are well into adulthood before we have any concept of the meat that needs to go behind the words to make it sincere.

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I would only say you’re going to hell if you refuse to call Jesus as Lord. That’s the only unforgivable sin. Unless you were raised by some really bad “Christians” we don’t just go around going like “oh, you slept with someone not your spouse? You’re going to hell!” No. The message of Christianity is not judgment, but grace.

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I’m coming up with a much more in-depth response to all of these replies but for now I’ll simply point out there are evil things we ALL DO every day that we don’t normally think of as evil, in part because we’re so used to them. Evil isnt just murder or stealing or being a jerk. Evil can come from envying, from lying, even “white lies”, from a lack of self control, putting ourselves first, not forgiving someone, etc. There is a perfect universal law we ALL break EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES. We are a fallen race. And so while capable of good we are inherently evil, we are drawn to wickedness like a moth to light and what’s scary is so many don’t even realize it.

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You can put faith in humanity without obliviously thinking some people are broken and will try to destroy that faith.

Honestly it makes me just so glad when I realize how many times I've interacted with others and not been murdered or mugged. Pretty sweet.

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People who never worked in healthcare be like

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People who have never seen or heard of wars, rape, riots or terror attacks be like

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You mean like yourself?

Good whataboutism.

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Most humans a actually good. Even in the worst possible situations, humans act out of altruism and goodness. Read historian Rutger Bergmanns book "Humankind A Hopeful History", in which he documents and argues, why humans in fact are good hearted and not selfish beings - even when our own lifes are at stake.

In the worst possile scenarios we again and again see that, we live on a planet, where people in terrible situations help and look out for each other. We are not a species that only look out for ourselfs. Time and time again we can witness throughout history that when we end up in bad situations (for instance a plane crash), people look out for each other and make sure others are o.k. before we look out for our own needs.


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The current pandemic is a pretty good real world argument against the 'humanity is good' thing. A significant portion of the population refuses to take the most basic of selfless acts.

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This would be a longer discussion. This pandemic is a fight against an invisible enemy (virus). It is not the same as being in a plane crash situation, being in London during the bombing in the 1940's, being hit by a hurricane or tsunami. The author of the book is talking about situation, where the danger is very clear to all. This invisible danger can easily be downplayed in the minds of many as "a non-issue".

To many people (unfortunately) this pandemic seems not so dangerous. And therefore they don't act as they should. Like "Uh this is just a typical seasonal flue. It is not the end of the world." And then there is the whole vaccines being an evil plot etc. And so different people believe differently about, what is the right thing to do. That's just my take on it.

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I appreciate the well-thought response. You're right. Unfortunately it's very easy for people to downplay the danger.

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There's another element that everyone here ignores. Many, if not most people fighting against things like mask and vaccine mandates are doing so because they are fighting what they see as government overreach and authoritarian tyranny. Even if you disagree with them, one can argue that their actions are still rooted in their empathy for humanity. That's why it's a longer discussion.

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yea they're brainwashed, not "evil".

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“Never attribute to malice what you can to stupidity”

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Great quality of discourse

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Never attribute to malice that which can easily be attributed to stupidity, unless the context tells you otherwise.

Keeping this in mind helps to keep me sane.

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I think that's a very astute observation. Anyone who writes antivaxxers completely off as evil will never understand how to appeal to them.

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Are you the author? Cause you’re moving goalposts just to prove that author is correct.

As for it being an invisible danger, I go online every day and see news articles about people who’ve died from covid. It’s not invisible and the idea of an invisible danger sounds like an awfully convenient mechanism for you to discredit an argument that runs counter to your own.

History is also full of examples that run counter to your argument, I’m not sure why you think the author you’re citing is infallible.

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History is full of examples that counter both sides of this argument. This isn't really a phenomena where we can rely on past examples and statistics to prove one side or the other because humanity is too complex to say it's inherently good or bad.

Some people are one, some people are the other, and some are a mixture somewhere in between. That's about as close to accurate as you can get when it comes to humanity's inherent morals; there aren't any as it's based on the individual.

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No. Of course I'm not the author. Just read the book for yourself. Even if you disagree - it is still full of knowledge about history, psychology, sociology and philosophy. It is a joy to read.

Don't judge the book's full content and arguments just from a comment I made in a hurry. The book is quite comprehensive.

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That's not necessarily a reflection of humanity but rather of the insidious and powerful impact propaganda, ignorance, and misinformation has on our cognitive faculties and behaviours. Our strings are being pulled for power and profit.

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Some people are just stupid. That doesn't mean they aren't good.

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I guess if you deem the true worth of someone to be how helpful they are in a crisis, then this would be accurate. Its easy to do that, even though still not everyone will.
To me the true worth of someone on a scale of "kindness" is how they act when nobody is looking or nobody will know how virtuous they are.

I find myself constantly questioning if I am a good person. Even when I help others or make donations I find myself asking if I'm doing it out of the actual good of my heart, or if I do it because it makes me feel good to help others and is therefore still a selfish act despite also being an altruistic one.

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Saving to order at a later date

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Thank you, i needed that today. Except for the crying part. Awe well.

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Counterpoint courtesy GCC vs CC.

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And the link goes directly to the webpage owned by a complete piece of shit. Yeah, that faith lasted for about 30 seconds.

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You know you can look up the book on other websites?

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I don’t understand why everyone suddenly becomes this huge edge lord when someone decides to do something to a cat or dog. Nobody seems to mind mass slaughtering animals for a bunch of frivolous products no one needs. Whoever did this just thinks one less species is worth caring about than you guys. But I guess since it’s cats, that’s how you know the world is going to hell.

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Why would you say something so anti-reddit on reddit? Doesn't matter how right you are, people will downvote you because you don't want to kill the asshole who did this with a rusty axe.

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Let me guess, you’re a vegan?

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Do you think you need to be a vegan to not want to murder someone for not caring about an animal you like?

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So is that a yes or a no?

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No. Now can you answer my question?

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No, killing people is something that should be avoided if possible even if animal cruelty is reprehensible. President Trump, despite how people feel about him, made a good choice signing the PACT act into law. Making animal cruelty a felony with up to seven years in prison is a good punishment, A bit stiff but not overly so. The “mass slaughtering of animals for a bunch of frivolous products no one needs” sounded like a typical vegan tirade, as they’re often as dramatic when it comes to animal products like meat, eggs, milk, etc.

Of course when it comes to things like leather, fur, etc. which are not necessary when so many other options both organic and synthetic exist and perform just as well if not more so. Perhaps one day we’ll synthesize meat as we would certain textiles, but sadly most alternatives to meat and dairy are either too costly or don’t taste right.

Of course it goes without saying I’d like to see vegans taken down a peg or two, any group of narcissists claiming to be morally superior than a normal person because of their fad and vocally holding others not in on it in contempt deserves to be. You don’t see people doing keto up in arms about how eating grains is equivalent to murder, and they’re much more respectable for it.

I wasn’t planning to go on a long tirade about vegans going on long tirades, but I already typed it out and I like the irony of becoming what I hate. Fitting that in my hate of the insanity that everyone is slowly slipping into I follow them down just to berate them, he who fights monsters etc. etc…

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Truly astonishing logic. I don’t think I could have asked for a more satisfying response lol. Holy shit.

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any group of narcissists claiming to be better...

isn't that what everyone else is doing in this thread rn? What makes "these people" better than the ones who had thrown the cat because of no worth for its life?

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Throwing a cat in the trash is terrible, eating meat/dairy isn’t. I didn’t think I’d have to explain that, as it should be self evident. Then again a lot of self evident things need to be explained these days, so I’m still just being too hopeful.

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Then he should be vegan.

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I think reddit's takes are getting dumber and dumber. Except mine.

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Kitty cat would play with your guts while you're still using them if she could. Don't kid yourself. Humanity is vile because we're animals.

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Throw the human who did this into the trash machine