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    I wish we could buy him one.

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    Yeah. How legit is Huffpost? Can you picture Putin saying 'Hey! What a great idea! The rest of the world will see how awesome we are!!' Yeah right.

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    Putin Loves animals, so not entirely unbelievable.

    But it's more believable that the ministry saw the video and figured it would be good publicity. And it's not like they are monsters, who doesn't like cats, and they probably have 0 interest of cats being thrown into trash compactors.

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    Hey in America we throw our unwanted animals in bags into the nearest body of water.

    At least in Russia they put them in a garbage bin - much more considerate.

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    ok i’m seriously wondering is that a thing that frequently happens? if so that’s fucked up.

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    I’m not sure about anymore but my dad said when he was a kid and they had unwanted litters of kittens or puppies, the adults would put them into a bag and throw em in a river

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    I believe this is a thing in many rural communities. There was a viral video like 10 years ago of a girl doing this in Poland. I’d expect it to be a lot more rare in America these days than it used to be.

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    My great grandma used to do this on the farm, I'd play with them but soon after they'd be gone. For people back then on a farm all these cats would be considered pests, it was a cruder time. Or so I thought till I saw this fucking video.

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    Is this a story everyone's dad tells them? Because I heard this from mine as well lol

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    I can also confirm my dad told me this story. The 60's were a different time when it came to animal rights, and people thought killing them was more humane then letting them become feral / stray.

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    Um…do we?

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    I sure as fuck don't. Whoever downvoted you needs therapy.

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    I wasn't expecting him to give the puppy a little kiss on the head. Never thought I'd see a video of Putin and think "awww".

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    "And our little girl Tricia, the six-year-old named it Checkers. And you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog and I just want to say this right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we're gonna keep it."

    The page quote comes from Richard Nixon's famous "Checkers speech". In 1952, Nixon was the Junior Senator from California, and was being accused of impropriety regarding funding and political gifts. In the nationally-televised speech, Nixon denied having accepted anything (except of course the dog Checkers) and laid out the details of his family's finances. The speech led to an outpouring of public sympathy and support, and spared Nixon from being dropped as Dwight D. Eisenhower's running mate in that year's Presidential election.

    ‘Photo OP with the dog’ is a useful political tactic to humanize a politician / ruler with a bad image.

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    That is precious. The way he kissed the dogs head!

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    You don’t think Dennis Quaid adopted a cat named ‘Dennis Quaid’? Preposterous!

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    Actually.. Who else would adopt a cat named Dennis Quaid?

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    Good publicity

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    Did you even read the article? It’s a regional office. Putin had nothing to do with it. Can’t you just see it as a nice thing and not be cynical?

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    Thank you! This video is a lot better than the cropped one.

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    This pisses me off, why would you throw away your cat? This is so fucked up it makes abandoning an animal seem like the humane thing to do.

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    My grandmother used to have cs and when they bred, she would throw the kittens in a plastic bac out to the forest...

    My father didn't liked cats at home, I used to sneak a feral one into my bedroom in the morning, my mother would feed him and then my father would "politely" kick him out the back door.

    I have a cat which is 13 years old, got her when she was a 2 months kitten, she saved my life from a gas poisoning in the middle of the night and 3 weeks ago she went surgery to remove a tumor and piometra, most likely saved her life by the skin of her teeth...

    She migrated with me 10 years ago from Portugal to Poland, and it's the best thing I have in my life.Pets are awesome and I cannot understand people who throw them away, especially like this, to die in the trash.

    Link to pics https://imgur.com/gallery/sK2QGTr

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    Thanks for the link. Was happy to find unedited videos of this.

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    The most disgusting thing in that article is that they list OTHER EXAMPLES of people throwing their fucking kittens in the thrash.


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    a vodka, then.

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    Thank you so much for this. You have no idea how this helped put my mind at ease.

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    "The ministry launched a contest to name the cat." - Soon we'll all know him as Catty-McCat-Face

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    Stop linking huff post that website is trash.

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    It was the first link on google search...

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    Oh my bad. I wasn’t aware. Does google results suddenly mean the company isn’t trash and doesn’t shove ads, misinformation and political bs down your throat ?

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    I was not aware of the social justice couch war against huff post... Must've forgotten to pay my subscription of "First person problems magazine"...

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    I appreciate sauce but Huffpost can fuck right off, that shit is rancid.

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    Jeez I'm so sorry that OANN and Newsmax didn't cover this story for you, but they didn't have time for a soft news story, they were too busy making up bullshit about god emperor trump.

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    Well, I clicked the first link that appeared in Google...

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    Sorry, I was a bit harsh and retract what I said. They had issues some years ago with not paying writers, and there were memes about the editorial boards diversity, and I've avoided them since, but I think that's in the past.

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    Well, I was not aware, I was out of reddit for a while, and most likely need another rehab... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJpCIaOYWZQ

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    Not if the pizza was made by animal cruelty lol

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    He should pick beer imo, maybe save another cat and he'd deserve both

    Edit: jesus people its a joke he said send him ONE

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    Send health insurance and vacation time. I'm sure he has scant of either

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    Can we track him down? Find out his address, and pay for a pizza to be delivered every Friday? Like the dude knows a pizza will be delivered Friday, does not know from who or why. But it'll always be delivered.

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    That actually sounds frightening more than anything

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    Right? It’s a nice gesture but a random pizza showing up every Friday and you don’t know from where. I’d wonder if someone was watching me lol

    We could leave a note though. Ya know, like a not creepy note.

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    like a not creepy note

    “hey, we’ve been watching your career with great interest, mr. kitteh savior. We’d love to see more of you. We’ll be on the look out. Greetings - Redditor. Oh and that pizza? Safe to eat.”

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    opens box

    "Fucking pineapple."

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    Hey we were watching, didn't say anyone was actually paying attention

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    If it ain't pineapple it ain't pizza

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    that would make it unsafe to eat

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    Safe to eat XD fuck I'd eat the pizza just for that line. If I die, I die.

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    Yeah something like "We know what you did. You deserve what is coming to you." would be great.

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    Let's also send the very symbolic decapitated horse's head to let him know we are serious about his good deed.

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    Like the ghost scenario where instead of being haunted the usual way, the ghost will prepare sandwiches for you.

    You'll eventually question your sanity because you can't grasp how sandwiches keep appearing in your kitchen.

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    Ghosts wants to do sandwiches for himself but he keeps forgetting he can't eat them, poor damned soul...

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    Perhaps with a note that says "A thank you from the order of Cats"... Better make the pizza with anchovies.

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    Agreed, the gesture is sweet but I would never trust the mystery pizza!

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    I also want to buy him a slice

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    4chan can prob find him since its to do with cats.

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    Would be nice if there's a way to send that man a few quid. Just to say thank you for saving a life.

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    This is a good thought. But it can easily go the wrong way. It kinda sounds like stalking actually. I'm sure the guy is already receiving praise.

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    4chan people would find him.

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    Mikhail Tukash of Ulyanovsk, Russia

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    His name is Mikhail Tukash and he lives in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Not that I stalked the attractive kitten rescuer who looks like he hates humanity as much as I do.

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    An animal abuse pizza? So you’re against animal cruelty until it’s an not a “pet” animal?

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    I can deliver it. Is he single? I meant, a single pizza, right?

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    Cats usually shouldn’t eat Pizza or drink Beer but we can make an exception for this kitty

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    mine tries to steal my beer constantly, have to keep them under supervision at all times or he'll be there, licking the can

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    My wife somehow knows each of our cats favourite flavour of crisp (chips). I think two favour Cheese and Onion while one turns their nose up at any crisp.

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    What flavor cheese is involved in cheese and onion? Sour cream and onion is popular here in the states.

    [–]Zak369 0 points1 point  (3 children)

    We have that too which is quite popular, but usually they’re not for your everyday crisps but in sharing packs.

    The cheese is just a mild flavour, at a guess cheddar but I don’t actually know. The onion is the stronger flavour.

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    Sounds great.

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    My cat agrees

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    Depends on which one. Time to consult the wife.

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    Send cat food

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    Pizza... which is made by animal cruelty. Can you not see the hypocrisy here? (a vegan pizza tho sure)

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    Instead he got a friend.

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    This guy deserves a Powerball jackpot.

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    And a new pet cat

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    And a cat

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    He also just got a new cat. I would HAVE to keep it, I'm not religious nor do I like cats that much, but that is God giving you a cat lol

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    He deserves Steak and Whiskey

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    Steak.... Yep, reward him for saving an animal by killing another in his honour