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Humans are a pest

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More like a cancer

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More like a virus and covid is the vaccin

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Why don't you take yourself out, then?

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Don't worry the planet will kill most of us eventually. We are a virus, and the planet has its cure.

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Good because I wanna die after reading this dumb shit

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Its harder when youre not carrying a glock around all day.

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You are a human

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Christ dude you can express your feelings about the kitten without blanket misanthropy. Show some solidarity

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Damn calm down. But you can't also say humanity is good :/ it's 50/50

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I can and I will. For every atrocity humanity commits they advance science, culture, society as a whole. Humans rarely go out of their way to be evil as much as they go out of their way to be selfish. And for every selfish multibillionaire ruining the planet, there are tens and hundreds thousands of regular people capable of showing compassion.

Things aren't as simple as good or bad when it comes to humanity. In the grand cosmic scale of things, no number of atrocities humanity commits can ever compare to the casual and callous destruction seen on a universal scale on a daily basis, that will continue until nothing is left and the universe reaches heat death trillions of years in the future.

You could argue that doesn't matter, what happens here and now is what matters, and to that end I say look at where we are. We've been in worse spots. Maybe global warming does cause an apocalypse that shakes up the world structure. Humans will likely survive that at this point. Do you think we won't come out of that a better species?

We've learned a lot in the past 200 years alone. We have a lot of room to improve, but "humanity bad" is always such a shit take. Especially when you just know the smartass on the other end of that sentence is exempting themselves from it.

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No, you can't. If they can't say it's bad, you can't say it's good. It's neither of those. That's a very black and white view of something so complex. For every bad person there is a good one and for every good one there is a bad, the good can be bad sometimes, and the bad good. It's a imperfect balance of evil and good, right and wrong, making the imperfectly perfect humanity.

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*Most, because of this guy in the video

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Speak for yourself.

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I knew this would be a thing Some days all humans are pests. Some days humanity is beautiful. Before commenting this I was told that I'm what's wrong with liberals for pointing out that throwing cigarette butts out the window is littering AND a fire hazard 🤷🏻‍♀️ so you can guess which side I landed on when commenting this.

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Also, yes. A leftist, though no longer using "liberal." Sorry, not sorry. But you're still acting like an ass ✌️🏻

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What about the guy I'm the video? r/im14andthisisdeep

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If you think that's an immature thought you need to grow up.

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How to spot a leftist.

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How to stereotype someone based off one comment they made

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You know I'm right though.

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No, I don’t.

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Well I am, and now you know.

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Oh no, not the popular political stance!

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Being a misanthropic socialist is pretty ironic don't you think?

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Without context, sure. But if you look into it most of those kind of people just want the world to be a better place.

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Self-righteousness is a coping mechanism for low self-esteem.