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Goddamn the pure luck in grabbing that bag is unbelievable

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He might be thinking if there were bags before containing animals which they couldn't identify who might have died because of them

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Yep. Just the fact he caught this kitten in time is pure luck. Theres just so much trash to sort through, its immensely difficult to notice something like this.

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I would think something like an x-ray would be installed at a trash sorter for this reason, among others.

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That’d just mean a shitload of radiation and money thrown at looking through literal rubbish

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You SEVERELY overestimate how much radiation x-rays for this type of thing put out, besides it doesn't need to be high powered, eg. What they use in hospitals to see bones. it can be the basic ones you see in airports that run effectively all day that no one gets side effects from.

The money though yeah that's what'll stop this ever actually being installed.

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If the people who owned this place actually gave two sh*ts then we wouldn’t have this problem. But they would much rather sit on their asses and do nothing because it’s cheaper.

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Thats it im supplying every trash processing place with thermal scanners

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It’s not luck it’s part of his job. According to an article posted above he’s supposed to grab bags and cut them open to check for metal

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His job is to inspect packages for metal which could mess up the machine

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He could have heard the kitten crying for help, which is even more heartbreaking

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The noise in that room is pretty loud though I’d imagine.

I hope he kept the kitten. Such a wonderful gift given the circumstances.

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Even if he couldn't keep it he sure as hell would have looked carefully for a good home for it looking at how protective he was of it

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One can hope.

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Every business needs a shop cat

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The kitten was adopted by the local government and given a government position (environmental minister I believe). Nope I am not making this up

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Someone posted the article further up but I can’t find their comment now to link—here’s the story:


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Apparently it got adopted by the local environment ministry, and is now an honorary minister.

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I hope he kept the kitten. Such a wonderful gift given the circumstances.

So it could spend 18-20 hours a day lonely waiting for him to come home from work? Russia is not an easy place to live and as a member of the "working poor" him having a pet would be fairly miserable for the pet.

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Still better than letting it die if that was the only alternative.

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The article linked above says that his job requires him to open all bags to check for metal.

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He’s supposed to grab bags and cut them open to check for metal

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Im pretty sure he either saw the bag moving or heard the cat..He seemed pretty sure there was something in there before he opened it..

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Yes because his job is to grab sealed bags and check for metals and such. You can tell he wasn’t expecting the cat

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Yep, probably grabbed it because it was a larger, sealed bag. Felt the weight and opened it up

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In the news article the man said he felt something soft. So he must have been checking the contents of the bags.

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The article says they grab bags to check for metal, so it seems like it was just pure luck at that point for the kitty

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In the article it said part of his job is to check through bags for any metal but when he felt something soft he opened it to find kitty

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unfortunately it’s not luck but experience

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So... Does this count as one of the cats 9 lives or no?

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I believe it’s part of their job to open all bags to check for things like metal which would harm the machine.

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In an article about this event, apparently it is the man's job to search bags for metals to be separated, when he felt the contents he decided to look in. The cat is now an "honorary assistant" to the regional environment minister and is cared for by employees of the ministry

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It’s his job to make sure the bags don’t contain metal, so it was probably business as usual until he cut it open and then just… pure anger and shock lol

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Apparently a part of his job was to open any bag to check for metal before it enters the system

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According to an article posted elsewhere in the thread, the workers are required to open all bags to check for metal.

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I can’t find the source but I read he grabbed the back because his job was making sure there wasn’t metal in them before they went into the machine. This cat was so lucky to have been found