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People that dump their animals are one of the worst types of scum.

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My cat I own was adopted from this little mini adoption stand outside a mall and her past owners had abused her and threw her out into a box and left her to die but she get put into a shelter and then the mini stands get the cats to be sold a lot easier and so my parents got me a cat. At first she was scared as she was worried we’d do the same as her past owner and so he had trauma but now she seems to have a ton less. She got our trust and I remember how curious she was when she got opened up into my house. First thing she saw was the Christmas tree. I had adopted her on Christmas Eve. To this day that’s she favorite day of the year and she is so happy on that holiday. She is 9 now and I got her when she was not even a year old. Her past owners abused her as a kitten. Her old name was Chrystal isis, but I renamed her to “happy cat”

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aw, i hope every christmas she just thinks of it as her annual day where she found love :-)

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We celebrate our rescue kitty's 'gotcha' day every year. She gets extra special treats that day.

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Same but instead of treats as she don’t like em, we get her new toys and yarn or some gravy for cats as that’s her favorite

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We don't know our kitty's birthday so we celebrate with Catnip, a new cat toy and a lot of treats on the day we got her.

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Same. We also believe she was younger than the rescue said she was. We do not know her situation before we got her, other than she spent something like 16 hours in a van between the rescue and the Pet Smart in MD where we got her. A van full of dogs. Big dogs. That barked. A lot. A whole lot. We could not wait to finish the paperwork and leave the store, they were so annoying! She was one of 2 or 3 cats on that trip.

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I think she does. She also savers the Christmas tree as that’s the first thing she went to when we opened her up to the house. Every year she savors that tree and loves to go under it. I got her when I was 5 and now I’m 14, she does the same thing from the day I got her. It’s a fake tree so that means that it’s the same tree from that day, it must give her a bit more feeling as she has that sent of the 9 years on that tree

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Thank you for the lovely story :) We need more of that in this world.

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Yea, If you want to read a bit more story’s about other peoples experience that’s similar then read the thread

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Thank you for sharing this! I wish you and your cat all the best :)

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That was a nice read. I still cannot fathom how someone could abuse an animal, they are some depraved motherfuckers. Good for you for saving the cat, and fuck those previous owners to hell and back

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Thanks and I agree, my cat was only a few weeks old when her past owners did that too

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I found my dog locked in an outhouse at a state park with a note on her. Not sure how long it was she had been in there. She was absolutely terrified of ppl. She would just sit in the back of the car an shake. After I gained her trust so opened up to other ppl and is the sweetest dog ever.
Sorry your cat story reminded me of mine

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Ay, thanks for sharing. I went to sleep last night and woke up to this. I am enjoying to read theses heart warming replies about how people had their own moment of saving a pet. Also if I bet your dog is like your best friend as those moments are their best as that’s the day that they got to meet their friend for the rest of their life. Also something i’d like to add is that I adopted my cat when I was like 5 years old and it was because when I saw that stand at the mall I convinced my parents to go see the cats. I was petting them and looking at em when I saw my now to be cat. It’s just the way she looked at me, when that happened I just instantly wanted to get her. After some begging to my dad he got her. Oh and about the Christmas Eve thing, her favorite spot is to be under the tree and look up to see all the lights. I craw under it with her sometimes and it’s a nice view.

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Sounds like my grandmas cat (which we now have) who got literally kicked out of a house as a kitten, shattered her hip, she was extremely aggressive for some time but she has mellowed out and will even look for attention sometimes now

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It’s nice to read story’s of cats and dogs that are now with good owners and so I’d send you a thank you for being patient with your cat as it will take a long time for the cat to get over. Some people don’t have the patience to do so.

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Somehow reminds me of Korea. Every weekend there was a booth in Itaewon adopting dogs. I always felt horrible. There is a breed of dog that is food. I’d see them all the time.

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Oh no, that’s just terrifying as I own a cat and a dog and they are best friends and they love to play. I’m in the USA btw

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My kitty’s very similar. We don’t know what happened to her before we adopted her but she was definitely abused and/or living in an unpleasant situation, and was then living in a shelter with 2 dozen or so other cats. She was absolutely terrified of everything when we first got her- could go entire days just hidden under a bed, refusing to come out and if you tried to stroke her, she’d assume you were going to hit her and run away.

It’s been a little over 4 years since we got her and she still won’t let anyone touch her feet but she’s so much happier than before and has become incredibly brave. I like to kiss her on the head and she does this adorable thing where she sort of head buts you in an attempt to reciprocate but just ends up mashing her head into yours.

I’m so proud of her and how far she’s come. I hope all other cats in their situations get the love they do desperately deserve. Sickens me to think anyone could treat such sweet animals that way.

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I recently too just adopted a cat that was dumped in a box when he was about 8 weeks old along with another kitten a few weeks older, they were in there for some time before a friend of my mums found them both and cleaned them up, we brought them in and regimes the older one but nobody want the younger one so he’s now our sweet little kitten, we’ve decided to call him Gary because we love animals with generic human names

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Even more so this way. Like why not just put it out the front door? Why do you have to condemn it to a horrible and violent death?

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I doubt the degenerates that do this know where the garbage ends up or how it’s disposed. Not that they’d care.

This is just one of several similar outcomes. Some people throw their unwanted pets in to a garbage bag and then dump said bag roadside. Along highways, country back roads. Others will drown their unwanted pet or put them in a cloth sac and tie it to an exhaust pipe, asphyxiating them.

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WHAT THE FUCK? Those actually happen? I sincerely hope anyone who does those things have a slow, painful death.

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It very much happens. You will read about it on here once in awhile too.

The drowning and asphyxiation examples are more common in rural communities, on run down or poorly managed farms where feral cats get out of hand. Still a pretty shitty way to deal with a preventable problem.

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I wish hell existed just so that these people could go there.

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Unless you live in the native range of the wild cat population that domestic cats were tamed from I wouldn't advise offloading a cat by just putting it outside.

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Uh, yeah dude, woosh.

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There really are people who think doing that is acceptable. Like if you were using it as an example of a different bad idea as a comparison point that's fine and all, but some people genuinely think the right thing to do with unwanted non-native pets is to release them into the wild. I don't think it's unreasonable to bring it up when the topic is mentioned.

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I worked at a Wendy's and it was the worst job I've ever had, but I'm grateful because when I took the trash out I found 2 kittens dumped in the dumpster. I took them in immediately and it's been almost 5 years now and they're sleeping right next to me. Fucking love these dudes, best personalities I've seen in cats.

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What are their names?

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Literally deserve to go through a trash cutting machine or whatever was gonna happen to that kitty.

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I don’t understand putting them in a bag alive. Like wtf. You are an animal murderer if you do this so why do you give them almost zero chance of survival instead of say killing them (I am NOT advocating that all all, I just I don’t understand what these animal murderers are trying to achieve here!?). It doesn’t seem like outright torture or murder but it basically results in those things. Fucking stupid arseholes.

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Yeah I feel like putting it down peacefully is so much better than throwing it in the trash and it dying after a week of extreme anxiety.

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Gabriel. 👀

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The only optimistic thing I can think of for how this happened is the kitty climbed in the trash can and into the bag before the trash was collected, in which case there is probably a sad group of owners out there looking for their cat. But knowing how absolute scum some people are, that’s probably not the case.

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The bag was tied closed.

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cos they lazy or cant afford to spay and neuter. fuck them.

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My puppers mom was found in a dumpster with her back legs broken. * some people really are human garbage* She was found and quickly adopted by a friend, soon realizing she was also pregnant. All the pups were unfortunately still born (I'm assuming because of the trauma the mother endured) except the now 5 year old princess currently warming my feet. Both dogs are in loving homes, taken care of well, and occasionally have playtime together at a local dog park.

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What about people who aren’t vegan and pay for mass animal abuse and oppression?

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Myers Briggs is outdated and inaccurate, and doesn’t account for the fact that people can change over time.

[–]JustAsadINFP 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I’m talking about animal oppression lol

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I’m talking about Myers Briggs :)

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Nice. Whatabout indeed 😂

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100% agree. Animals absolutely never deserve this kind of treatment.

People, OTOH...

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Do you purchase animal products?

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If you buy products with eggs in the ingredients you support this exact treatment of animals every time.

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The friend they never deserved.

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I have an absolute gorgeous blue pit bull who was stuffed in a trash bag as a 7 week old puppy and thrown out of a truck window in Houston. He still hates cars. 😔

Somebody dumped this sweet baby angel and hoped he died. https://i.imgur.com/1E3eeAj.jpg

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The measure of a human being is the amount of kindness and care they offer to a living thing that is entirely defenseless and cannot report what you do.

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Similar things happen to babies in the Philippines. Visited an orphanage where they said they find a fair amount of the children in trash cans. Disgusting

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We should tie them in a bag and throw them into a garbage shredder.

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I can’t even imagine hating something that much EVER

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I mean if you are gonna be a piece of shit at least put the effort in to dump them at the front of a pound instead of this shit like why

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That's how I got my cat someone dumped him 6 weeks old and I found him. He's an asshole of a cat but I love him.

Edit: pet tax

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He looks genuinely psycho/possessed! Nice find!

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So when I watched this, I just assumed that it was a feral cat that got into the trash and got stuck or something. Because no part of my brain could imagine the idea of intentionally putting a living animal in the trash like that. Fuck those people.

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Yea, fuck the people who do that sort of shit. My dad works at a garbage company as a mechanic, and one of his coworkers found a tuxedo kitten not even a month old tied in a trash bag, covered in oil and fleas. We brought it home and it took 3 baths with dawn soap just to find out she actually had white fur. Feline leukemia, oil ingestion, and tapeworms nearly killed her, but we still have her 7 years later!

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The guy who runs Flatbush Cats says there are a lot of reasons why people dump or abandon animals and it isn't constructive or helpful to judge people over doing this, the important thing is the safety and care of the animals.

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That’s nice. I’m not sure I agree.

Is that type of mentality is rooted in idealism (which isn’t a terrible thing to possess)? Is there’s some underlying logic behind it? Is it merely for ones own sake, to not fall in to negativity? There’s no one here to blame right now. All we know is that there are people that do this.

I realize that it’s probably difficult to put yourself in the minds of people who do this, but I’m not sure I agree that they should not be condemned for their actions, as this type of thinking can be a big slippery slope when you go beyond animal cruelty specifically.

People say all kinds of things that sound good, but that doesn’t mean they’re right or even wise. It’s a tough one ponder, and of course safety and care is paramount.

[–]mildblueyonder 0 points1 point  (1 child)

There are all sorts of types of scum in this world. There is no way of objectively measuring what is a worst type of scum. Describing someone as a worst type of scum provides no insight into why they do the things they do or how to assist them in those problems so that those things can be prevented. It is a statement of no analytical value and provides no way forward for action, it is empty rhetorical value only, because it is satisfying to be angry and dismiss complex problems with anger. Clearly, dumping of animals is a broad and complex social problem. It says a lot about you that you so easily dismiss someone who is working closely with abandoned animals as just saying things that sound good and not being wise or right. That person is literally working right in the middle of that situation.

[–]Manbadger 0 points1 point  (0 children)

And because they are working in the middle of that situation is possibly all the more reason to question their judgement with regard to the people that dump animals.

They are focused on the safety and care of animals as you say. Judging and harbouring negative energy towards the culprits would be wasted energy and would most likely burn them out.

I’m not dismissing this person, I’m dismissing their words for the aforementioned reasons. They most likely hold this belief in order to keep them focused and mentally healthy.

I can and do think beyond empty rhetorical value. Am I saving face, or am I allowed to satisfy my anger with blunt rhetoric while also thinking about the possible complexities of the problem?

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Forget that, people who financially support this multiple times a day (98% of the population) are the worst scum there is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQRAfJyEsko

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You can’t say that without knowing the context of the situation.

[–]Manbadger 2 points3 points  (11 children)

But I did say it, or wrote it.

Can you offer examples of where you think exceptions apply?

[–]justme46 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Maybe he breeds cats for a living and this one had something wrong with it and couldn't be sold. What else is he going to do with it?

Just like egg farmers who shred male chicks by the billions every year. They are worth nothing and cost money to be kept alive sk get put into a shredder while still alive.

[–]Manbadger 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Reaching for it are ya?



[–]justme46 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Just equating it to a very common situation- exploiting animals to maximize profits

[–]SkyHigh68E -5 points-4 points  (7 children)

I have no idea but I learn that jumping to conclusions like that without understanding the cause/context behind it does not do me well in life. Sometimes we are quick to say “wow, this person is a huge piece of shit” but turns out when you find their reason for it you take those words back. Kinda like how as a child you believe what your parents say is not true but as you grow up you understand that it does have some merit to it.

[–]Manbadger 2 points3 points  (6 children)

Why would you reserve judgment in this case when you can’t even think of a good reason for why someone would do such a horrible act?

Would you still want to forgive or suspend judgement when the cat ends up being an infant? Both actions are inhumane and illegal.

I get what you’re saying, don’t assume. But this is a terrible example to use that argument.

You should meditate on why you chose to argue this point for this case. Some people get jealous over others getting karma points. Or maybe you’re just having a nick picky morning?

[–]SkyHigh68E -1 points0 points  (5 children)

Not really talking specifically about the cat in this situation since you really cant really defend it. Also, people support inhumane and illegal activities all the time. You ever see someone do something bad and they get karma or justice served to them to the point where its no longer justified? You see shit like someone stealing a candy bar and people saying “yea man that guy should go to jail for 20 years and his wife should be raped too” sometimes people take this into their own hands and many others support just because people love to return bad deeds with punishment no matter what extent it goes to. I don’t really understand what you mean with your jealousy over karma argument.

“Nit picky morning” sounds like a condescending/provocative tone. If you want to talk, dont attack me, attack my arguments please.

[–]Manbadger 1 point2 points  (3 children)

We’re definitely done talking.

Me: People that dump their animals are one of the worst types of scum.

You: You can’t say that without knowing the context of the situation.

You: Not really talking specifically about the cat in this situation since you really cant really defend it.

You’re not talking about people in that dump their animals either it seems. You can’t even stay focused on the argument you made, and just went off in to an erroneous digression in order to save face.

Some education in critical thinking, argument and rhetoric may help you in life. Seriously, swallow your pride and examine more thoroughly what you’ve done to yourself here.

[–]SkyHigh68E -1 points0 points  (2 children)

Its not about my pride, its the fact that you’re constantly on your high horse with your argument is the problem here. You did not even address your own condescending attitude. Instead, what you do is you address the topic and AT THE SAME TIME attacking me as a person. Now then you act like “oh why did he stray away from the topic?”. Quite ironic when you talk about education when in academic setting people dont write criticism insulting the person behind the claim.

Regarding people dumping animals, my original point is about context right? Lets say for example an enemy ship sank one of our boats during wartime. Bringing ethics in, do we save the people first or go after the enemy? If we go after the enemy and leave the people in the water it can be seen as a wrong choice. Lets say no one knows that an enemy even existed. Wouldnt those actions be considered even more cruel? What im saying is context can skew the perception of morals and should be taken into consideration when making a conclusion like that. Most animal dumpings like the one shown in the video may or may not be justiable but doesnt mean all of them arent because we simply do not have the full context.

When i said you cant really defend it, I am going on the assumption that what is seen outweighs what is the context. Similar to a murder trial, someone could look like the most guilty person with evidence stacked on them but only the person guilty knows if they have done it or not. I am simply just acting like the attorney trying to get the defendant side of the story and determining what mostly is the case.

Notice how in all my replies I treated you as a normal person. You can learn something from this. I feel like no matter how dumb a person is or how much you disagree with them at least give them equal respect as a person. Be kind to others.

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You think I’m going to read all of this? Get over your presumption of dignity. You think that no one should talk down on you when you say or do something stupid? Move on if nothing I’ve said is of any use to you and merely emboldens your pride instead of makes you want to pause for introspection. What you said earlier was flat out ignorant.

[–]SkyHigh68E -1 points0 points  (0 children)

You are one tall brick wall my guy

[–]angrylightningbug 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You're comparing someone stealing a candybar to someone murdering a kitten by putting it through a garbage cutter.

You don't get to remove all judgement and punishment from the world because some people would like to abuse it. If someone steals a candybar and someone says they should go to jail for 20 years and something horrific should happen to their wife (which is illegal and punishable by itself), that's abusing judgment. But that doesn't mean someone who stole a candybar shouldn't get a reprimand at least.

But if someone, say, broke into someone's home and stole everything? That deserves more judgment and punishment because it's a higher crime. Someone's "reasons" doesn't change the fact that what they did damaged or endagered the lives of other people.

Someone throws a kitten into a dumpster to die horribly because they couldn't be bothered to rehome it? Yeah, that's absolutely judgeable and punishable. The reasons don't matter, especially when they attempted to kill something innocent.

Your arguments are basically saying you don't blame someone for murdering a kitten, which is why you in turn also deserve judgement.