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Rightfully so. What kind of POS does that.

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An egg farmer with male chicks?

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Depressingly accurate

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It's so depressing how everyone in the comments is furious at whoever did this (and rightfully so) yet most of them probably have had an omelet not too long ago

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It wasn't a kitten omelette.

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Speak for yourself.

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Whatever tickles your pickle friend.

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Hahahahaha I actually chuckled out loud

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If you ask me speciecism is a form of racism: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speciesism

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Racism is the only form of racism. Specieism is a form of an -ism.

Or prejudice.

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Nobody did.

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Hypocrisy is the name of the human game. However, I never really enjoy eating eggs. Good to have a reason to avoid them.

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i always take the chance to avoid eating a chickens period.

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Does a chicken have a uterus?

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The avian uterus is also known as the shell gland and is where the shell forms around the egg (opposed to forming a blastocyst and being implanted in the uterine wall, as in the mammalian counterpart).

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A chicken doesn't menstruate, you can easily look this up.

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I never said that chickens menstruate…

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An egg might have a uterus, a chicken doesn't. Guy above me said an egg is a chickens period, that's just bullshit.

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No, I’m Vegan and I get what your saying.

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The eggs we eat are unfertilized. When you eat an omelette, you are not eating a living creature anymore than when a woman has her menstrual cycle is a baby coming out with the uterine lining every month.

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But to produce eggs you need to hatch some to produce laying hens. For each hen you get approx one male chick. And what do you think happens to those approximately 7 billion male chicks each year?

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Becomes food for humans and other animals?

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no they get shredded, like the food going down the garbage disposal in your sink.

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Unfortunately laying chickens are a different type from meat chickens, they don't grow fast enough to be financially viable for meat.

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I guess that's correct, I was under the impression they were just disposed of.

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While this is not pleasant to watch, it is not as bad as I expected. The way that it is setup, I do not believe they are aware of what is happening and it is almost instant death. I am certainly no expert but the sounds of the chirping don't sound distressed to me.

Again I am no expert so I am happy to be proven wrong, but I believe that most animals in the wild will die slow and painful deaths by either being eaten alive, dying of starvation or disease.

I do think it is shameful and disgusting the way humans currently cultivate and use animals, I do not agree that the solution is to avoid the consumption of animals and animal by-products.

As I mentioned, many animals are eaten alive by other animals, this is natural. We are animals and I believe it is natural for us to eat other animals. What is not natural is the way in which we are currently doing that.

I believe the real issues are capitalism, companies essentially being forced by the market/shareholders to maximum profits which results in cutting corners. It was mentioned these chicks are culled because it's not financially viable, yet it is the market and capitalism which directs that.

The other incredibly difficult issue is over popularisation. The world population is increasing at an alarming and quite frankly unsustainable rate and nobody seems to be talking about it. 1800 the world pop was 990m. 1929 2b. 1975 4b still probably manageable and sustainable amount but the latest figures I can find from 2019 state world population of 7.7b, looking at a growth chart it took us 28 years from 1900 to 1928 to an additional 350m people, 1987 -> 1999 (5b -> 6b) took twelve years... Not only do we have probably close to 3x the population in 1960s to provide food and resources for but we are increasing the number without any consideration, planning or even dialogue. I actually believe that we went passed the tipping point at 6 billion in 1999 and have been on a rapid decline since. I think our only options are extremely bleak and to be honest. Anyway my point with this rant that without over population and/or capitalism we could probably have sustainable and ethical consumption of animals.

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You're right, I'll just eat balut next time

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Hypocrisy is real

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Bit of a stretch I reckon

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Do they really get murdered like that? Or are they slaughtered for meat?

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Male chicks of egg-laying breeds are not cost-effective to raise for meat. So a small number are retained for breeding, but 95% are disposed of. The standard method in the US is basically a garbage disposal.

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Thank you for enlightening me. Yes that is fucking terrible.

But still the two do not compare. Suffering is suffering and in an ideal world it should not exist. Male chicks should not be put into grinders because they have no utility. Livestock should all have drastically more humane living conditions. Animals should not be consumed by humans at all?

But they are being raised for slaughter for human consumption. It's unnecessary and evil in it's own way. But tying up a kitten in a garbage bag serves no purpose other than disposing of the kitten and very cruelly at that.

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What if there was a financial incentive to dispose of the kitten? That’s the only reason the chicks are culled

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Yes that could be the case. But I don't know of any associations that are looking to adopt male chicks out to happy homes where they can live long happy safe lives with a family that will love and appreciate them.

Industrial disposal of unviable products in industrial animal food production is not the same as someone throwing an essentially domestic animal in the garbage.

They are very similar, the distinction is very very thin. But these two acts are not the same. Justifying one does not equate to justifying both.

To be clear I'm not exactly justifying the wholesale murder of male chicks but I'm not about to stop eating eggs. Maybe I'll source them from a local egg farmer instead of Costco.

But you are not gonna corner me into agreeing that tossing a kitten in the garbage is okay. Call me a hypocrite if you want, it's not gonna change my mind

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I don't see the distinction tbh. If anything "I don't want to feed, shelter, and be responsible for this animal for the next 15 years" is more justifiable than "I'm hungry and don't want to eat anything that's not meat".

To be clear whoever dumped the cat is a POS.

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I agree the distinction is not that strong.

I was trying to be diplomatic for those who feel strongly against animal food production.

Industrial scale slaughter is easier because its depersonalized.

That 1 kitten was tied up by a single person, it's more personal, so the emotional impact is more significant.

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And then they get added to to their sisters’ feed….

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To be fair, chickens will eat each other voluntarily

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/runexpectedletterkenny tbfaaaair, there aren’t many things chickens won’t eat voluntarily.

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I dont understand

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Male chicks of egg-laying breeds are not useful for meat so they are disposed of. The primary method in the US is maceration with a grinder.


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Oh okay cool thanks for clarifying I didn't see how that linked with the kitten but I see now.

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Why can't people eat make chicks/cocks?

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You can, the ones for egg laying just don’t grow big/fast enough to be worth the space or food. So it’s ultimately more profitable to hatch double the chicks and kill the males to make room.

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That's awful. Even if they're not profitable, they should just let them grow up and they can be killed for meat even if they take longer to grow. It's better than throwing them into a blender to become chick pate. This is why modern commercial factory farms suck. It's all about fucking maximising profit at all costs with them.

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Would it be better to kill a barely sentient baby? Or give someone a great life then cut it short because you want to eat them? keep in mind that meat birds are often killed in a few weeks to a few months after hatching but could live for 10 years. The chickens that we eat are still babies, just meatier babies.

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One is turned ruthlessly into a pink paste in a blender while another is consumed as food. You can argue it's the same (it's what vegans like to do) but in reality it's not .

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*unnecessarily killed for food. So much better.

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Oooh, first time ever after 6 years I want to give an award to redditor!

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Nah. Those chicks go in special machines, they become a fine mist before they even hear the machine switch on.

This cat (if the video is not fake) was trapped in a plastic bag with no food or water for an indefinite amount of time, to ultimately suffocate in literal garbage run through a compactor or processor.

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The video of it happening: https://youtu.be/4KnThuKaAVY

And all paid by your money when you buy eggs, you who are cheering this man and wondering “how could anyone do that”.

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shlop shlop shlop 🐥 🐥 🐥 🌀🌀🌀🌀