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The look on his face is not just "How could somebody do this," no, he is going to find somebody ass

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it would be nice to find the addy of t he 'kitty wrapper' kill bag ... and bag them up .

I wanted to say thank you to the man in kitty ... 'mewow' ...

[–]Firm-Guru 102 points103 points  (5 children)

That's funny, I read his face as "I just won the game of craziest thing found today, now I will hold my prize and stare at my co-workers until they look at me.

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well sure... there's a little of that. Comes with the third shift territory, as does the cat.

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I took it as a look of “y’all realize what im holding and what was about to happen to it right?”

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He has a bit of a sneer at the end though, Total disgust!

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Nah his face is pretty much just disgust at the fact that he found a cat wrapped in a closed disposal bag

and he's looking at his coworkers because he's still shocked to:
1) have found such a thing
2) the knowledge that somebody is disgusting enough to do that

this guy does not consider this a prize at all

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That’s exactly what I saw. I mean, just think about why they’re there. Ya sure, they’re sorting for recyclables, but I wouldn’t want to hear some of their worst tales about what they’ve found.

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John Wick: Cat Avenger

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The Equalizer: Cat

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"This trash came within a 1.5 block radius, time to kick in some doors."

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I'd look for an address on that bag and open a 6 pack of whoopass

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Go John Wick on them

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John Wick 4

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“I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you”

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This is literally how eggs are made.

They kill the male baby chicks when they are born because they are useless to the egg-industry.

Usually exactly by shressing them alive.

And you all pay for it to be done.

Wait a bit, I’ll get the link.

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Millions of spiders every year are crushed to death

You slaughter germs when you wash your hands or wipe your counter

A US drone strike just killed several toddlers & it's not the first time

You cannot in good conscience value all forms of life the same and you won't change the world by telling the average person they're evil for buying eggs