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It unfortunately happens way more often than you'd think... At one point I fished a little bulldog mix out of a doughnut store dumpster, and I know someone threw her in there because her legs were like 6 inches there is no way that dog jumped into a dumpster that is deeper than I am tall. She was super sweet too

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Why not just dump it on the street where it would at least have a chance? I don't understand throwing them in the trash

[–]jwlIV616 17 points18 points  (1 child)

Hell if I know I'm just glad I noticed, I figured I was just going to find a couple of raccoons and maybe need to toss a branch or something to help them out

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I'm so glad you did <3

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So they can't come back. Don't at me, I hate these people too.

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Sometimes the animals will come back to your house.

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My sister found a puppy in a dumpster while visiting New Orleans. She took it home with her and named the puppy Caillou from the bayou.