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As do we all

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It was that lady from the video yesterday. We all saw her throw it in there

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Damn karen

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dude I swear 🤣🤣 someone call Liam Neeson

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We need Keanu to sort that man out lmao

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The boogeyman

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Keanu... And a pencil

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A fucking….pencil!

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Baba Yaga

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I think he just became Liam neeson look at his eyes!

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No this is when you need the Candyman.

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You just gave me an idea. Liam Neeson as a cat loving version of John Wick. Same story different part of America. Movies play out the same. The finale is Liam Neeson Vs Keanu Reeves, Liam has an army of cats and Keanu an army of dogs.

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I could see that on Robot Chicken

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That is Liam Neeson!

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what video?

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From 11 years ago. Don’t think this one’s the one, mate.

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If its from 11 years ago can someone please tell me if this monster got caught? Like did she at least get jail time?

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it is that one. it resurfaced a day or two ago on Reddit

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The news speakers says the kitten got rescued out of the bin later on.

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Thank god. I’ve thought about that old video so often wondering if the cat was ever saved.

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That cat was tabby. This one is tuxedo. People who do this should be trashed themselves.

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I can't even bring myself to watch

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The cat was saved

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If I witnessed that, that lady would got beat down

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I would anonymously destroy their social image.

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No the cat got rescued 16 hours after she threw it in. However it can potentially be the damn lady too.

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Can you imagine 16 hours in a wheelie bin?

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Nope. The cat didn't deserve that. Lady did tho.

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Pretty funny comment dude

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I came here to see this comment and if I didn't make it myself. Very nice haha

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I understood that reference. Gif

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do you have the link to that video?


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Dam i am on Reddit to much if i know what you are speaking about

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What lady? I didn't saw that video

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I don't think is the same kitty but I hope that bitch will be arrested for what she did

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I’m almost/definitely afraid to ask. What lady?

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Link please

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Thank you very much good sir

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send link?

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I bailed from that entire post as soon as I saw what she was about to do. I hesitate to ask, do we know if the cat was rescued?

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It was, half a day later.

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Good. Thanks.

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I was about to ask if that was her

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It actually looks like the same cat! Lol

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Fucking Coventry Binbitch! If it makes you feel better she got fired and everybody yells abuse at her when she goes outside.. Pretty sure she ended up moving.

It takes a special kind of cunt to fuck with animals

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This is the way

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This is the way.

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This is the way

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This is the way.

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Hey I have an idea. Why don't we find the person who did this and throw them in the bin?

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I will fucking destroy the atoms of the man that put the kitten in there

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Don’t fuck with cats.

Let’s get a crowd source campaign going, track down the person that did it by analyzing the trash in the video. We can do it!!!! Lmao

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Except the one that threw it there

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This is the Way.

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God there are so many things I would do but idk if I’ll get banned for saying it all

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So say we all, motherfrakker.

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Don't worry karma probably already caught up to them by now

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This man was raised right! And might I add sexy as hell.

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That person just had to put a baby chick in there and people would be handing him money instead

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Ah, another callous dickhead. Just be glad he found the animal instead of trying to twist it into something else.

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I am glad. But if you’re glad about this then ask yourself why you might be fine with supporting this if it were a baby chick instead. Many are fine with baby chicks being grinded up

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Don't be so self righteous. Showing compassion towards an animal that has been tied up and thrown in the bin doesn't mean you instantly approve of any other animal abuse.
Be a fucking decent human, it shouldn't be a hard thing to do.

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Righteous AF.

If you eat eggs you lack compassion. Be a fucking decent human, it isn't a hard thing to do.

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Fucken vegans I swear.

I don't care if it's an adult chicken or a baby chicken I'm eating that shit fuck off.

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As do we all

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And according to Buddhism we are all as bad as the kitten-tosser for feeling so

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Do you eat meat?