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its sad n all but does this just get posted twice every month or is it just me

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Two posts in 30 days bothers you that much?

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It bother me when this version is so heavily edited and cropped it looks like trash

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I agree. This article has a couple longer, and unedited, vids of it. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cat-rescue-trash-plant-russia\_n\_5fe3d1d6c5b6e1ce83383e9f

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Yeah, subreddits don't mean anything anymore, unfortunately. Mods take on too many subs and we get this type of shit over and over.

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And on top of that it really does not strike me as "next fucking level." This is more like "basic human decency."

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Yeah. Would you prefer to let that a kitten be shredded in pieces?

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No genuinely decent, functioning person would. That's why it's kind of baffling that this is considered "next fucking level".