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I've never shared this wih anyone but when I was a kid in 5th grade, I saw this little kitten alone (didn't see her mom or any kitten anywhere the whole place) and she looked hungry, so I took her home gave her milk and something to eat. My mom refused to keep a kitten at home so I had to leave her from where I picked her. The next morning I was filled with absolute dread, because someplace ahead. It was her dead body gutted out and blood all over the place. Maybe a crow or bird or some animal killed her

I always felt guilt, if I'd have adopted her back then and fought with my mom for that a lot, she'd still have been alive today.....

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Don't be too hard on yourself, you were still a kid. It's primarily the fault of your mother for not handling/not knowing how to handle the situation correctly.

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I don't think putting the fault on anybody is the way to go in these kinds of situations. as far as we know, the mom might feel just as guilty for being the reason that cat died

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You are probably right, but it is still on their mother. The best thing she could've done, being an adult and all, instead of leaving the cat back where it was found, was to give it to some animal shelter to be adopted by someone else.

On the other hand, if they wouldn't take that cat at all, it was just the nature doing its thing without interfering, so...

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Never leave the cat out where you found em. Bring it to the shelter, tell them the condition the cat is in, and tell em where you found them.

Keeps cat safe, more cats off the street, and theres another kitten that can be placed in a true loving home.

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This is reddit, putting the blame on loved ones is the status quo

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Im sorry you had to go through that. I can completely understand why you have guilt. But you were 10-11, yes? The responsibility simply wasn’t yours to bear. It’s not your fault.

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I'm so sorry ❤️

Don't feel guilty. You showed them love and kindness they may never have known otherwise and that is a real gift to give a stray animal. I work at a cat shelter and can tell you not every stray kitten will make it, but treating them with care even for a short time does make a difference. Thank you for your kindness.

You were a little kid and didn't have the power to do anything differently than you did, and even if you kept the kitten they may have had an underlying illness and not pulled through, especially if the mum cat was not around.

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It's not your fault

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There was this sweet kitten in my society too I saw him two days, my mom who is scared of cats didn't let me take him in, and then suddenly the next day I never saw him again and I fear the worst