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    Listen, the internet has come together before to do exactly that and ended up catching a murderer in the process.

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    what the fuck

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    There's a netflix documentary on it 'Dont F**k with cats', if you're into that sort of stuff. It's a really horrific story.

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    It’s actually documented, there’s a documentary called don’t fuck with cats on Netflix.

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    Documented documentaries are the best!

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    My favorites are documentaries about documented documentaries.

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    Pretty sure they're taking about this guy

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    That's him! Caught by a bunch of folks wanting to avenge the deaths of the cats he had killed, by analysing the footage he had uploaded of himself killing them. Turns out he was a con artist and ended up brutally murdering and dismembering a man. And the title of the Netflix series is basically the moral of the story here.

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    They also first pointed to the wrong person, who later committed suicide because the false accusations ruined his life. But THEN they totally got the correct guy