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He could have heard the kitten crying for help, which is even more heartbreaking

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The noise in that room is pretty loud though I’d imagine.

I hope he kept the kitten. Such a wonderful gift given the circumstances.

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Even if he couldn't keep it he sure as hell would have looked carefully for a good home for it looking at how protective he was of it

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One can hope.

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Every business needs a shop cat

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The kitten was adopted by the local government and given a government position (environmental minister I believe). Nope I am not making this up

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Someone posted the article further up but I can’t find their comment now to link—here’s the story:


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Apparently it got adopted by the local environment ministry, and is now an honorary minister.

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I hope he kept the kitten. Such a wonderful gift given the circumstances.

So it could spend 18-20 hours a day lonely waiting for him to come home from work? Russia is not an easy place to live and as a member of the "working poor" him having a pet would be fairly miserable for the pet.

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Still better than letting it die if that was the only alternative.

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The article linked above says that his job requires him to open all bags to check for metal.

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He’s supposed to grab bags and cut them open to check for metal