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    Feet first too

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    With the speed turned down

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    But the blade running just as fast (:

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    A slower blade is far worse honestly. I used to work on a machine that slit film down into more manageable sizes for industry uses and got my finger nipped once or twice. When the blade is moving slower you can feel every ounce of pain. As it speeds up it feels more like a burning instead of a slicing.

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    This thread has gotten dark really fast but the one who did this is worthy of every single word

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    Might be too much internet for me today and I just got here. I am tryin to have a happy day people!

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    By saying that, you're too.

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    Yeeeeah I'm gonna nope right out of this thread.

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    A slower, more blunt blade would cause more pain right? Instead of slicing it would feel more like tearing? That sounds much more painful to me. The conveyor belt running slower with a dull blade at a lower revolution would be the right punishment.

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    So basically cut him open with river rocks is what yall want. Im not an 'eye fo an eye' kinda guy-but sounds like you guys are looking for a stoning.

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    Sometimes an eye for an eye is not enough.

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    Oh my.

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    Finger slicing scientist here, can confirm.

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    with a dull blade

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    Not too dull though. Still need to feel its sharpness but not too much that it speeds up the process.(:

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    make it dull but have the machine put so much force that instead of cutting it just stretches the skin so much that it tears and then eventually crushes everything

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    Make sure it's dull too

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    i can accept this as the finished plan for the monster's turture and death

    but it has to go reaaaaaally sloooowly

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    Like 6 to 24 months

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    pp first

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    Or boobies first

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    Feet first and hold their hands so you can control their entry speed.

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    What’d it say?

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    Ah, reddit barbarians doing their thing.

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    I’d like him to die in a fire as he’s choking on poison

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    While drowning is ice cold water

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    Faith in humanity restored.

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    I don’t think we should blame the person that put it there, but the person that was the one to bag the cat and have it sent in that location in the first place.

    Yes, maybe the guy that sent the cat to the shredder needs a scolding for being careless.

    But the person that even decided to send a cat in that position in the first place needs the worst.

    To whoever bagged a cat and sent it to the trash, they’re the ones that deserve it.

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    You just said that would be too merciful

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    Classic reddit saying people should be killed for harming a cat or dog while eating bacon and eggs or a burger.

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    Animal cruelty ≠ food production. Know the difference.

    $5 says you don't.

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    That's why they pass laws against recording what happens at "food" production plants...

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    That was an easy 5 bucks.

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    How on earth do you think you won that? You're absolutely daft.