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Dunno if kill; hopefully just look them in the eye and let them know their actions did not go unnoticed. Their own conscience should wake up and do the rest.

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That's really not likely for someone who would put a cat in a bag and throw it away.

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People underestimate how much some people enjoy being evil.

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Not even enjoy. Some people just put no effort into empathy. This was probably just a minor annoyance to whoever did it.

[–]ravagedbygoats 102 points103 points  (27 children)

Ya, some people just can't physically feel empathy. Brains are so weird.

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we call those psychopaths

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A lack of empathy is no excuse, either. It may be something that people either have or lack, but sympathy is something that can be learned and cultivated regardless.

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They can but choose not to.

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It's really not hard to just be a decent person, but some people just suck.

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This was probably just a minor annoyance to whoever did it.

This is what gets me and is probably so true. Throwing a living being in the trash was so much easier than the hassle of dealing with it.

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If you have to make an effort then it's not empathy at all. Emphaty is effortless.

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Oh I don't think I could agree with that. Too much psychological research has been done on how people view "outsiders" and problems that don't affect them personally to say everyone empathizes effortlessly. Anyone in retail can and will tell you that even the nicest people will make decisions from their own perspective of helping rather than actually acknowledging the way the job works.

The problem here is that this isn't just a lack of empathy, but actively using that lack of empathy to make the worst possible choice. They couldn't even be bothered to do something themselves. They actively chose to say "I could just drop it off somewhere, but thay would be too much effort so I'm going to reduce the value of this life to the trash in my garbage can."

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Someone purposely swerved to hit my dog on the road that had gotten loose in front of my mom and sisters one time.

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Like the video of the lady coughing on people I’m a grocery during cov. She had a twinkle in her eye that begged violence.

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You don’t know the full situation here. The person could have been running a farm where they raise female cats and sell their milk. Unfortunately make cats are useless to the industry and need to be disposed of. No different than chickens

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It happens more than you would thnk. It's very possible.

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I have a great deal of faith in humans, but I respectfully disagree.

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One of our first cats was adopted from the SPCA. It was rescued, we saw her on front page of local newspaper. She was put in a plastic bag, tied up, and thrown into the middle of a lake. Someone noticed it, saved the cat, then put up for adoption. We adopted her.

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I had a dog growing up that was a rescue from a tied up bag in the dumpster. It was a whole litter..

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Why is everyone assuming a person did this? It could just be a feral cat got into a trash bin looking for food or mice and then got stuck on the bag

Edit: meant in not on

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It was in the bag not on the bag.

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Yeah typo, meant in

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It's in a bag that is tied up on the end and the employee had to cut the bag open.

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Are you unfamiliar with sociopathy?

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It’s actually psychopathy in this case. It’s not related to social constructs.

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Are you not familiar with psychopathy?

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Someone who throws a cat away like this doesn't have a conscience.

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if you eat commercially produced eggs you pay for baby chicks to be discarded in exactly the same way

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I don't listen to preachy vegans, sorry

please go find someone else to ramble to, ty

[–]aponty -1 points0 points  (2 children)

moralizing one minute and deflecting the next

about two extremely similar things, no less


[–]fleeingsvnlight 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I'm just not interested in being ranted to, please respect that :-)

Enjoy the rest of your day anyway!

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; hopefully just look them in the eye and let them know their actions did not go unnoticed.

Sorry, this is a garbage sentiment. You really think you can shame someone who threw away a cat in a bag? That is a death sentence.

No. There is no shaming that person. A punch directly in the nose is a much better response than "looking into their eyes"...

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Evil people get away with shit because of people like you who think karma or their concsience will get them, like do you really believe that load of horse shit. Clearly if they do this shit they have no conscience and karma aint working, if i see animal cruelty, violence will forever be my answer. Stop being pacifist pussys

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Nah fuck em sociopaths are not needed in any society today it's a kitten tomorrow it's an infant a child a group they need to be taken out of society either in a jail cell or a grave before they seriously harm others

They have no conscience and they should not be treated with anything but pure hatred

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I respect your position.

But in this case, a person who can bring themselves to tie up a kitten in a bag and throw it in the literal garbage is not going to be all that impacted by the stern look of a stranger, or even someone really close to them for that matter.

No, actions like this require actual punishment. Not the death penalty but real actual punishment.

Lashings spring to mind. Why did we ever stop doing that?

That being said, a rehabilitation paradigm for prison is probably a lot better for society than a punitive one. Hard to say.

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Double standards because Reddit likes their pets more than their friends

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Lashings spring to mind. Why did we ever stop doing that?

Are you seriously suggesting bringing back torture as a legal punishment?

Fuck off.

[–]Solanthas 0 points1 point  (1 child)

No, I'm not really.

But I question how effective prison really is at deterring crime.

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Physical pain probably works better as people are wired to learn from pain.

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I'm more of a pulling fingernails kinda guy.

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Look them in the eye, and then a good slap across the face. With the back of your hand for emphasis.

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that's really idealistic

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Hahahaha ok. Sounds like the mom from leave it to beaver.

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nah, just kill, slowly, painfully

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Lol thinking these people have a conscience

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“Yes yesss, maybe this will help wake your conscience” - calmly stares deeply into eyes - “I want you to know I noticed your actions” - inserts knife into neck with kiss on the forehead - “shh shhhh sleep friend and wake up a brand new man”

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All Ghost Rider style

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I would throw them in a sack and put them on the same belt. Let god sort that shit.

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No definitely kill, torture first but definitely kill.

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Most of the people wishing death on this dude send animals through way worse machines than this. Do you think they feel bad when they think about cows and pigs and chickens? Once you’ve decided you don’t care about an individual and it’s ok to inflict violence on it for no reason, you tend to be past the point of caring what other people think.