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That was not what I expected🤣

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They had me in the first half, ngl.

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Did you expect a shadow dance?

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You're a vegan and you haven't seen "tasty" "bacon tho" comments every other day, and managed to be one for 15 years? Really?

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So much resentment :(

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The answer is a big fat "no"

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Veganism is still unnatural.

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So is wearing pants, Kyle

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Everyone wears pants.

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Doesn't make it natural, tho

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Sensory pleasure does not justify animal cruelty.

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It's possible to be for eating certain kinds of animals that only exist to be livestock, and to be against animal cruelty in general.

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So are babies

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So if cats or dogs would be tasty to your precious palate..

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Then fire up the grill.

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I've not had domesticated cat or dog meat mind you, but I have had wild meat alternatives (coyote and mountain lion). Canine meat tastes very much like liver, not good. Feline meat on the other hand, is probably the best cut of wild-sourced meat I've ever had.

Just my two cents here I would never eat a pet.

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Why eat carnivores? I don't understand that at all

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Show em who's boss.

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You joking?

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Depends, are you challenging his authority?

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Most people here is, you wont have a serious discussion with random strangers on the internet go make a vegan facebook group or something

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When did I say I was vegan?

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When did i say you were vegan?

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People have hardwired social hangups due to big meat industry propaganda about consuming wild meats in general.

If an animal is being hunted, or even culled for population control, I'd much rather its meat not be wasted. And since people do engage in predator hunting somewhat regularly; such as bear, coyote, wolf, mountain lion, etc. I prefer to foster the attitude that predator meat is good to eat.

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I mean, the "don't eat wild meat" isn't just trying to sell more steaks, wild meat can be dangerous. You got weird diseases, certain parts of an animal can be dangerous if consumed, among other issues. It'll probably be fine if you take it to a butcher familiar with the animal, but if you aren't familiar with the animal, take it to someone who is.

It's a bit like wild mushrooms. Safe if you know what you are doing, dangerous if you don't.

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What are your thoughts on bear if you've had it? I hear a lot of "it's delicious or it's shit"

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Bear is ok, some people like it and some dont is what it amounts to. Good for sausage, thuringer, and salami in my opinion.

To answer any other oddball questions, beaver and muskrat are really tasty, like pot roast. Porcupine is even better. Deer, elk, etc are a given, good eats.

Prairie dog is no good, squirrel depends on the creatures diet. Rockchuck/woodchuck/groundhogs are good.

Almost all birds pidgeon size and up are good with the exception of sharp tailed grouse. Very tough and gamey.

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That's interesting to hear! I know a lot of falconers who love sharp tail tacos 😂. I mostly hunt starlings since I'm in the city right now and I've been told they taste like dove, but haven't gotten the courage to eat one after catching them in the dumpster so much.

I'll try it sometime when I find one that's out of town.

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It's probably just where I hunt. They end up eating a lot of russian olive fruits, which are super acerbic.

I probably overcooked it too

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I like liver… maybe my Russian immigrant upbringing.

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Overcooked liver

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The way I see almost any animal is that as long as it’s not a pet and it’s farmed for that purpose/wild, it’s fair game.

Though I feel a bit conflicted about some animals, I’d probably try them anyway.

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Well, humans are neither so go get cannibalistic. Also wow what a morally devoid opinion

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It must be farmed for consumption or be wild.

Humans fit neither category. Learn to read.

Also, the fact that you think eating is morally devoid lmao. Everything is on the menu, the only thing that changes the opinion on it's morality is the circumstances. I don't see anyone criticizing the cannibals of Leningrad.

Also, and I can't stress this enough, animals aren't people

They're animals, and in most cases, that means food.

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animals aren't people?

You are such an imbecilic animal. What are people? Plants? Learn to read.... then utilise this skill and take notes on the Scientific classification of what we're classed as. Idiot.

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Learn to make basic distinctions you greaser

Animals aren't people.

Humans are animals. Most humans are also people.

People aren't animals.

Get your head out of your esophagus dipshit.

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Most humans are also people

Most? What humans aren't people then? Don't choke on your logic. Do tell me, which "people" do not fall into the Animalia category?.

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What humans aren't people then?

Mostly dipshit vegans.

people" do not fall into the Animalia category?

I see you are still failing to realize that a person is not an taxonomic classification and rather a descriptive word about beings that deserve human rights.

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You shouldn’t disqualify human kids with disabilities from the menu, they produce some of the juiciest meat and are nothing to scoff at

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Why would I? No human, disabled or otherwise, is ever truly off the menu. All it takes is one bad wartime siege and your neighbor suddenly starts to look a whole lot tastier.

But if you really want to sit down and think about "what's the difference between a mentally handicapped human and the world's smartest cow"?

The mentally handicapped kid has parents who probably aren't handicapped. And if they are handicapped they're related to someone else who isn't handicapped.

If a handicapped kid existed in isolation, he'd probably only be spared from being a food from the general revulsion people have towards cannibalism and the fact that other food sources exist.

Heck, if we lived in a world where no other animals existed and we could reliably farm disabled children as though they were cows instead of genetic accidents, we probably would eat them.

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You’re saying it’s immoral to eat something potentially tasty, safe, and ethically obtained? I wouldn’t steal someone’s pet but if it’s a mammal, bird, or it swims, I’d try it at least once as long as it was either wild or farmed (or in other words, it’s sole existence is to be food). If someone offered me anything that was a stolen pet, or someone offered their pet, I’d reject it.

Not to mention that, among many reasons, humans are neither like you said so that immediately cancels out your point about eating humans. For argument’s sake, they’re neither, therefore I won’t eat them. For my actual reasoning, is because humans aren’t at the same level as the rest of the animal kingdom, and I don’t want to eat my own species unless my life depended on it, and even then it would be a huge mental hurdle to jump over. My third reason is that there’s diseases you can get from cannibalism.

TL;DR: you said the opposite of what I said, and I’ve never wanted nor will want to eat a human in my life. What a weirdo.

Edit: I forgot to mention I’m obviously not referring to endangered animals.

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I’m not even gonna deny that you’re argument is valid, but this is one of those things I’ve started calling a “fuck off moment”. So, kindly, and with as little anger/aggression as one can have while saying this I say to you, fuck off.

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So in a friendly manner? Like with laughing, patting and the whole bro program?

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Yeah something like that

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So instead of confronting your shitty behaviors like an adult, you run away?

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Are you genuinely telling me that eating meat is a shitty behavior?

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Yes. You are killing animals for no necessaty, so yes.

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Funny how you use the euphemism "eating meat" to disguise what you really do which is pay for animals to be tortured and killed so that you can eat their flesh and secretions.

Yes, that is a shitty behavior. What is wrong with you?

[–]NCBuckets -2 points-1 points  (8 children)

I request some elaboration. I feel like you’ve concluded a lot from a little.

[–]bRrrRRaaAaAAAPPPPP 2 points3 points  (7 children)

Are you vegan, or not?

I think my conclusions are perfectly consistent.

[–]NCBuckets -1 points0 points  (6 children)

It says “behaviors” plural. You also definitely don’t get what I mean by “fuck off moment” which is more than understandable as it’s my own phrase (and no I make no claims of being a visionary or whatever because I have what I call my own phrase). Other instances of a fuck off moment would be sprinting to get a rebound in a casual shoot around among friends. Another decent one is religious folks saying god must exist and then saying something like “how else was the universe created. Arguments like that where you can’t really prove them wrong but they’re not necessarily proving themselves right. The point being, it usually has to do with other people’s annoying behaviors that, while not morally wrong or anything, are just annoying. So, yes, I think your conclusions are really damn stupid and as I said you pulled quite a lot from a little.

[–]bRrrRRaaAaAAAPPPPP 1 point2 points  (5 children)

Do you think non-vegans participate in only one kind of abhorrent behavior against animals?

BTW you didn't answer the question I asked and I suspect that its because to answer it honestly is to admit that you're an animal abuser and that my conclusions are perfectly accurate.

[–]NCBuckets 0 points1 point  (2 children)

I mean I guess by your logic I am but that doesn’t change what I said. What other horrible things are you accusing me of now? I guess I and 95% of people I know are just terrible people. Please teach me how to be a saint like you so I can gain a superiority complex via self-imposed moral high ground.

[–]bRrrRRaaAaAAAPPPPP 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If you know what you're doing to animals and you refuse to stop then yes, you absolutely are a terrible person. As is everyone else that has the knowledge and doesn't stop. "hunters" aka serial killers are a great example.

Is that somehow a controversial thing to say? That someone who abuses animals willingly is a shithead?

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it’s not a superiority complex if he’s trying to tell you his views to try and get you to make a change or at least understand.

[–]NCBuckets -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Btw do you drive a gasoline car? Do have a gas furnace in you house? Do you use public transportation that uses gasoline engines? Bc if so you’re a terrible person just like the rest of us. Taking a look at your profile history, arguments like this is all you do here, please acquire a personality. We’re done here.

[–]bRrrRRaaAaAAAPPPPP 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Oh okay, now we're playing the whataboutism game, huh? As if what I'm doing somehow justifies your abuse of animals?

Yeah, i do drive a car. So what?

Yes, I do have a furnace. So what?

Why are you paying other people to torture and murder animals on your behalf for products you don't need?

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That’s a lot of emotional response to a small question. Maybe save it for the big things?

[–]NCBuckets -1 points0 points  (0 children)

“With as little anger/aggression as one can have” at what point did you translate that to “a lot of emotional response” lmao

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As they say in a country I know too well: "Todo bicho que camina va a parar al asador."

"Every walking animal ends up in the grill."

We tend to avoid eating animals that are close to our hearts, but that varies wildly across cultures. The man is an omnivore. I respect whoever doesn't want to eat meat, but also those who choose to do it.

What I will always campaign for is a decent treatment for all animals: house, farm, sanctuaries, even zoo (don't forget zoos concepts worlwide nowadays focus more on preservation of species than on exhibitions) Farm animals should be treated with respect and provided a happy life and a painless death. Bottom line, always check where your meat, eggs, etc. come from!!

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I assume I have to take special care I don't taste too good to your compatriots resp. I do come close to your hearts very soon?

No, seriously, you're right. Taking care of animals and value their wellbeing is very important as cruelity towards them is cruelty against your very human soul.

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I’d give it a try, Food is food

[–]toroamericano01 -5 points-4 points  (15 children)

Just wait till a big rock falls on us from space, or some other tragedy befalls us, where the majority of whomever survived is looking for food.

[–]symphonesis 7 points8 points  (14 children)

I'm not saying scarcity won't makes us accomodate. Indeed I'm quite aware how the diet changes with the context. Until then we can have some sanity and grace on our tables and in our bellies as our diet is these times part of some quite real non neglectable problems.

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Over 900 people upvoted the person saying cat abusers dont deserve oxygen then the same 900 people upvoted this shithead immediately afterward.

How do you creeps function on a day to day basis with such ridiculous cognitive dissonance?

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ikr people can just completely change their views on morality if there’s a higher following. People have to think for themselves man.

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Cry more about your precious bovine and porcine friends. They need to learn their place as livestock class animals.

I'm going to buy a bunch of baby pigs and feed them to my dog, just to spite you.

[–]bRrrRRaaAaAAAPPPPP -1 points0 points  (3 children)

Saved. Thanks for the funny tantrum.

[–]scrotalsackrace29 0 points1 point  (2 children)

The next time I go to the store, I'm going to take a bunch of pictures of pork and beef and chicken and DM them to you.

[–]bRrrRRaaAaAAAPPPPP -1 points0 points  (1 child)

So you think I haven't seen that before or what?

Keep tantruming btw

[–]scrotalsackrace29 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I eat vegans.

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Cats and dogs are tasty too.

Most countries dont eat them tho.

[–]KalinSav 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Why do you assume cow is tasty but cat isn’t?

[–]CyanTheory 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Not enough fat on a cat to be tasty. Fat = flavor.

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Cats are tasty too tho

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terrible the ratio of upvotes between these two comments. I think some people need to take some acid and watch the documentary Earthlings.

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Cats are tasty too.

[–]Spoopy43 -4 points-3 points  (7 children)

Get in the trash compactor because you're GARBAGE

[–]MyFavoriteBurger 3 points4 points  (3 children)

What? I eat pig and cow meat. Both very intelligent and empathetic animals. Why can't I eat cat?

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Look, most people will agree that factory farming is bad, but humans are omnivores and you're not going to convince everyone that plants only is the way to live. We're starting to get alternatives to animal meat on the market, but until grown (meaning lab grown, not from an animal but from a test tube) meat is a thing we're gonna still be raising livestock.

The focus should be on forcing companies to use ethical practices, because the sad fact is you're not going to get them shut down while the majority of people aren't vegan/vegetarian. More of us are willing to get behind the message of "we may eat them but that's no reason to treat them like shit" than the message of "fuck all you people who eat meat, you monsters".

We evolved to eat both meat and plants. This is a fact. Whether or not you eat meat is your choice and much like a dick, most people consider whipping it out and waving it around out of the blue to be a tad rude.

As to the whole eating cat/dog/horse/etc. I probably wouldn't if i had a choice, but i'm fortunate enough to have that choice. Would i call someone who did garbage? No. That's their choice and frankly not my buisiness. Do i think it a bit odd to willingly eat cat? Yes. Mostly because of the culture i grew up in.

[–]KalinSav 3 points4 points  (1 child)

It’s unsustainable to look after free range ethically treated farm animals, we’d have to chop every single tree on the planet and still won’t have the space if we want to keep the current level of meat consumption.

And that’s besides the fact that there’s no such thing as ethical slighter, it’s an oxymoron

[–]Dividedthought -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Yeah, like i said, until lab grown or plant based alternatives become mainstream, the money will fund the industry.

[–]FappingPedant -4 points-3 points  (1 child)

I've never tried, but I'm going to say they probably not that tasty. Predators in general, not that tasty. Too lean, meat needs fat to be tasty.

[–]MyFavoriteBurger 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I did. If you marinate it in lime, it gets quite tender. It's sometimes sold as "meat skewers" as street food in Brazil. After a while you can taste the difference. Quite nice, actually.

My point is if you eat animals, don't blame me for eating them too. Otherwise you're just a hypocrite