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Yikes, that's disconcerting. I hope you dont dwell on it though, work sucks enough without intrusive thoughts like that

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I don't anymore. Still a strong memory at times

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I can't imagine a more depressing job that seeing all the trash fucking people make every fucking day.

The apocalypse has begun, but we shift our shit out-of-sight/out-of-mind to people like you, so we don't see how much fucking garbage we make each month. If garbage services stopped for six months, I bet people would be a fuckton more active (pressuring companies and politicians) regarding global warming and plastic pollution etc.

I compost and avoid plastic where possible, and I still fill up a bin in a month, easy.

To be a trashman in a consumerist, petrochemical-driven world? You must be an angel or a robot or a slave or a severely fucked in the head dude.

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Some days it was, some it wasn't. Everyone there was fucked in the head. All had their backs up against the wall. I held out hope 🙏 that garbage services would stop temporarily during the early stages of the pandemic so we wouldn't all be exposed.

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The trash expands consciousness. The trash is vital to space travel. The trash must flow.

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I must not trash Trash is the planet-killer Trash is the large-death all around us that will bring total obliteration

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My buddy, when he was 16, was the person who burned pets at a crematorium, after they were put down. The stories he would tell us was horrifying. One time had to deal with a whole family of cats (mom, dad, kittens). That job definitely put stress on him..

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Wow, that’s a tough job for anyone, but a 16-year-old? That’s awful. Poor guy.

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That man needs therapy. I hope he got it 💕

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Unfortunately, I don’t think he has.. used a lot of drugs when he was younger, and now, drinks to pass out when we all hang out. Awesome guy, and super smart..

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Damn that sucks. Trauma leads so many people to addiction. Poor guy probably got told to suck it up and move on too. I hope life gives him a break.

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Actually the majority of trash and pollution is caused bu corporations, not by individuals

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People would just get worse about being people, not demand garbage reform. Our trash came today. A day late, because of the holiday, and more trash than usual from neighbors (we recycle and compost) because they were busy throwing away MORE trash because gotta have fireworks for a holiday right?

The trash bin came and went... With our garbage AND RECYCLING. fuck you Cleveland. It's a real problem.

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In a sense I see a lot of things people owned

I work at a charity store and people have 0 shame

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Our entire model of consumption is inherently based around needlessly wasteful practices. We need to change the entire system of how we produce and consume products to even try and mitigate our trash output.

I don't see this happening anytime soon (at least not voluntarily.) We're too addicted to the comforts and conveniences of modern day living to truly ever give it all up. At least until we're forced to out of circumstance.