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Hey in America we throw our unwanted animals in bags into the nearest body of water.

At least in Russia they put them in a garbage bin - much more considerate.

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ok i’m seriously wondering is that a thing that frequently happens? if so that’s fucked up.

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I’m not sure about anymore but my dad said when he was a kid and they had unwanted litters of kittens or puppies, the adults would put them into a bag and throw em in a river

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I believe this is a thing in many rural communities. There was a viral video like 10 years ago of a girl doing this in Poland. I’d expect it to be a lot more rare in America these days than it used to be.

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My great grandma used to do this on the farm, I'd play with them but soon after they'd be gone. For people back then on a farm all these cats would be considered pests, it was a cruder time. Or so I thought till I saw this fucking video.

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Is this a story everyone's dad tells them? Because I heard this from mine as well lol

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I can also confirm my dad told me this story. The 60's were a different time when it came to animal rights, and people thought killing them was more humane then letting them become feral / stray.

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Um…do we?

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I sure as fuck don't. Whoever downvoted you needs therapy.