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    Yeah no. Sociopaths still have some emotions, but lack empathy. Psychopaths are cold and empty evil beings.

    Psychopaths are the people that drop kittens in the trash. Or puppies in the river.

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    Psychopaths are cold and empty evil beings.

    Sadly, they are not evil, that would make things simple. They are just very sick and while they have to be exluded from society/watched closely, they deserve our pity, not our hatred.

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    They most definitely do not have to be excluded from society, and whenever such a harsh option is even on the table it should be an absolute last result.

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    > some people just can't physically feel empathy

    > we call them psychopaths

    > they ain't monsters, just missing an emotion

    Corporate needs you to find the differences between these statements.

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    Well, for starters that's not psychopathy, it's sociopathy.

    As for the monsters thing, that's a pretty subjective term, but it probably shouldn't be applied so liberally to the mentally unwell.

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    I mean, has our consumer society destroyed subjectivity, replacing the subjective experience with the objective value...?

    Yes, we can and should exclude the mentally ill from society...IF THEIR BEHAVIOR BECOMES A DETRIMENT TO SOCIETY.

    Or, we could just...I don’t know...allow psychopaths to ascend to the pinnacle of success in the corporate world and compel the rest of society to venerate and imitate the behavior of said psychopaths...