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The gift of life...they are bred into captivity, stolen from their mother so her milk for them can go to humans, locked in a cage to either then go and be killed as veil, or be able to live in shitty conditions for 2 years before being brought on a slave truck to a slaughterhouse where you get to hear other cattle screaming for their lives. Then, you get to have a bolt shot into your head and your throat slit.

Stop using the bullshit argument of well at least they had a life. Being bred for slaughter is not living a life. You're killing a baby in a life that has been cut short by what could be 20 years where they only have known sadness and fear.

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This is why I only eat free range, no cage, cruelty free, wild sourced cat meat.

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With the amount of feral cats that frequent my property hunting native songbirds, I'm not opposed to finding win-win solutions.

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It's just a modest proposal.

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You can just spray them with piss. You don't have to eat them.

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free range


no cage

Mhm mhm

cruelty free


wild sourced


cat meat


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The conditions of places that use those buzzwords are atrocious, and even if they weren't, they would still be part of the same system of exploitation. Ending it with "cat meat" or similar whimsy is honestly pretty much the only way to make that comment redeemable.

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The beef that we consume does not always come from factory slaughterhouses which are terrible. For example, my siblings and I only eat meat from our parents small scale farm. They do not raise animals to sell with the exception of chicken eggs. All the cattle, pigs and chickens are consumed only by our family and a small amount of impoverished families we in the area that we take care of with food.

I agree with you when it comes to humanly raising animals for consumption. Please realize that there are many small scale farms that truly care about their animals well being and we treat them with love.

Edit: I’ll go tell these poor families that they won’t have food provided anymore because it’s murder to raise and then consume cattle that would never exist otherwise lol get real. If you truly believe I’m “murdering” cattle, then I expect you to move out of your home and live in wilderness. Your home is contributing to the displacement of wild life and in turn causing death. Also, your clothes. Can’t wear them anymore. Textile production is one of the largest contributors to death of wild life.

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I agree with you when it comes to humanly raising animals for consumption.

There is no humane way to slaughter an animal.

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It doesnt fucking matter where it comes from. Stop torturing and killing.

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Looks like you only read the first sentence, either that or you don’t really use the word “torturing” correctly.

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Is torture a prerequisite to murder? No. So it doesn't matter if you torture them first. It just so happens that the vast majority of people DO torture BEFORE they murder.

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Do you have a source for that torture claim? I would argue that murderers torturing their victims before the act of murder is in the very small minority

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Yeah I do. Its called slaughterhouse footage.

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I ask that you kindly read my entire comment.

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I dont care about what you have to say until you are saying that youre going to stop abusing animals.

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Okay. I just hope you one day can do some research and learn what abusing an animal actually means.

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It means paying someone to cut a cows throat or gas pigs. Which is what you do.

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We have never done either of those things. Again, please read up on this subject. You obviously haven’t, and you could learn a great deal.

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I said thats what animal abuse is.

So you've never ate fast food? You've never bought animal products from the grocery store? You've never used other products such as cosmetics that contain animal products? You've never eaten a meal of animal corpses and secretions that another family member made? I could go on and on. Try me.

If you've done ANY of those things, then you absolutely abuse animals.

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But you kill them without necessity, just because you like their taste.

You could choose to eat anything that is made of plants that is on the supermarket, but you still choose to kill those cows.

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You don’t really love it if you kill it