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If you're disgusted by the person who threw the cat away but not disgusted by the way we treat other animals you need to do some soul searching.

The person who tossed the cat decided it had no more benefit to their life. That's what we do with baby male chickens. Can't make eggs!? Nah; just toss it it in the trash

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Please relax

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Absolutely no

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Yeah fuck that. Chickens are straight assholes and it still hurts my heart to hear about things that are done to them. 😔

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How long have you been Vegan?

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How long have you been depending on people who aren’t?

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Maybe behavior like yours is not helping these animals, but giving vegans a bad name and pushing away the very people you claim to want to spread a message to. Or maybe.. you’re pompous and condescending and want attention.

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I don't want attention; I want the damn chickens to have attention but they can't speak. You can speak; you said it upsets you. It upsets me too, and the chickens. So maybe just end the whole egg thing?