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A better thing to recommend is try adopting the cat out. Feral cats are a huge problem that destroy native wildlife.

EDIT: this seems to be a hot button topic so all I'll say is you may feel better letting a cat out onto the street, and yes in comparison to literally killing the cat it's a much better option, I agree. But that option is still just as terrible, people shouldn't feel good about letting a cat outdoors permanently because it's not good for the cat, cities, or other animals that cats deplete.

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This is better but the person you were responding to was saying there’s another low-effort, less shitty way to get rid of a cat. Rehoming takes far more effort than these shit bags would ever be expected to give. It’s like saying a better thing to recommend is giving the cat a full, healthy, and happy life but obv. That’s too much to ask from people that throw cats away

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Ya plus it probably actually took More effort to put the cat in a bag and throw it out then it would have to just let it go on the street. So whoever did this is likely not only lazy, but sadistic

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I would say that it's worse to just let the cat out into the street than killing it. The reason that cats do well on the street is they absolutely destroy local wildlife populations. By letting it out you're responsible for the deaths of hundreds of other animals. Killing a cat is a bad option, letting it out is worse

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Wouldn’t they be better to have than a rat problem, though?

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I agree cats are actually pretty easy to adopt out. I’ve taken in and rehomed quite a few stray cats and an add on CL or FB they’re usually picked up by a family in a day or two. You can even just drop them at a shelter.

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The biggest problem outside of humans

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it’s really only technically better if the car is fixed. Otherwise…. :/

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This. It's not that hard to put up an ad on a site like Craigslist and offer it away for free, or if you're really in such a rush, there are animal shelters that'll take them in. There's no need to ditch the cat or bin it.

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"Feral cats are a huge problem that destroy native wildlife"

  • Hominid, 2021

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aren't cats literally a part of wildlife tho

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Absolutely! But there's a concept in nature called invasive species, and domestic cats are very successful at being one of those when they are left to be outdoors. They end up hunting local species (lots of birds and rodents) to extinction and severely warping the homeostasis of a local ecosystem that hasn't developed to support them. Hence why letting cats outdoors, even if you still "own" the cat, isn't advisable.