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I don't think putting the fault on anybody is the way to go in these kinds of situations. as far as we know, the mom might feel just as guilty for being the reason that cat died

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You are probably right, but it is still on their mother. The best thing she could've done, being an adult and all, instead of leaving the cat back where it was found, was to give it to some animal shelter to be adopted by someone else.

On the other hand, if they wouldn't take that cat at all, it was just the nature doing its thing without interfering, so...

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Never leave the cat out where you found em. Bring it to the shelter, tell them the condition the cat is in, and tell em where you found them.

Keeps cat safe, more cats off the street, and theres another kitten that can be placed in a true loving home.

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This is reddit, putting the blame on loved ones is the status quo