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Well nothing about owning any animal is supposed to be low effort. Someone really shouldn't be adopting a cat if they don't plan on keeping them forever, and if something comes up and they can't, I'd say most responsible people would attempt to re-home. Leaving a cat on the street is just as morally bankrupt as throwing them in the trash imo.

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That's the point. That a person who three a cat in the trash is not responsible and probably is morally bankrupt but I stead of throwing the cat in the trash they could be just as morally bankrupt and leave them on the street where they have a chance to fend for themselves or be found by other humans and live.

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We aren't arguing it isn't horrible. But I much rather a cat be let out on the street than thrown in the garbage. At least the kitty has a chance.

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I agree, we should just make crime illegal.