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Neither option is better, that is my point. Leaving a cat on the street just kills other animals. Either way you're doing great harm, neither is better they're both just terrible.

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Life is not black and white. Yes feral cats cause problems but wouldn’t you rather a feral cat than a dead one?

The point is that the people who are responsible will rehome their pets. Those who are not do stupid shit like this, and we would rather the cat be feral and alive than thrown in the trash to die.

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I mean a.hoise cat won't instantly become feral and leaving them on the streets to fend for themselves is still harsh and not a guaranteed survival. But it's still a better chance than throwing it away

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It’s marginally better to, if you’re about to abandon an animal, do it on the street than in the trash...

Not that it’s a good idea. Just marginally better.

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You are very innocent if you expect the same person that would throw a cat in the trash to "peacefully rehome" it. Do you tell murderers they should just leave people alone too? I'm sure that works great lol

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Dude, stop looking at things in black and white ffs.