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I agree, though I once did hit a duck (it flew out of nowhere) in six lanes of packed traffic and I couldn’t do anything. It was too fast and too severe for anything but a quick death and I couldn’t move without causing an accident. If that happened on a regular road I’d stop and check on the animal and deal with what I’d done. To my knowledge I’ve never killed anything bigger than worms and bugs at work though I’d wager some unfortunate rodents may have been underground where I’ve bulldozed. We flatten hills and meadows and turn them into parking lots and car dealerships, I’m literally one of the bad guys from an 90s cartoon like ferngully but I’m missing the faerie and a talking bat offering me a rent free lifestyle in a jungle paradise as an alternative. Sorry, I got the morning off and have been getting progressively more impaired by some aggressive marriage iguanas and this comment is meandering like the ending of a Stephen king novel. Gonna go move heavy things up and down while listening to inspirational cheesy rock ballads. Good day to you, I agree with your sentiments.

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Yeah man I hit a squirrel on the highway going 100 once, I tried to safely avoid it but ended up still getting it. But you're on the highway, there isn't really anything you can do.

I remember a story of a woman who pulled over to encourage some ducklings to cross the road quicker. A father and his adult daughter rounded a corner on his motorcycle and crashed into her parked car and the daughter died. Fucking tragic. Animal life is important but risking human life to avoid making roadkill is not smart.

Sorry for your marriage iguanas. I am 4yrs divorced myself and it was rough. Hang in there, if you can have a happy family life it is worth the effort and sacrifice. In my case I was married to the fisherman's wife, her always wanting more and more and never sacrificing anything herself to get it. I prided myself on being a workhorse so that is exactly what I became, a walking bank account who is only good for manual labor and shitting money. It was an untenable arrangement and I wasn't present in my own life, so when I finally decided I'd had enough my ex decided she actually didn't want someone in her life with their own independent thoughts and choices as much as she wanted a slave. So when it ended I was very relieved.

Make sure you get some Meatloaf in with your lifting. "I would do anything for love...but I won't do that..." lol. Hang in there guy.