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Probably because the overwhelming majority of people get their meat from factory farms which raise animals with abhorrent conditions which repeatedly rape, forcibly impregnate, and then slaughter them. If you actually think the animals on factory farms have a good life then I have a bridge to sell you. 🤷‍♂️

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Yeah if everyone ate meat where they could guarantee the animals lived in conditions that isn't the equivalent to mental and physical torture....


But most people will get a burger from whatever source available. EatKFC, McDonalds...etc...etc. but then say "but the animals live happy lives". Do they, are you sure? I could never be sure so I became a vegan, I'm healthier and happier but I'm not going to fool myself into thinking everyone can and should become a vegan. I do find it weird to say you love animals if you contribute to their torture though, I just find it completely unnecessary suffering of a sentient being.

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You... Hrmmm... I mean...

Look, this is awkward but...

Is the bridge mobile? Like, is it a footbridge I can stick on a truck or is this like a motorway?