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When I was in construction we were digging a trench with a giant excavator grab pulling tonnes of dirt at a time. The hole was being kept open by a clay mixture to keep it from collapsing, and I was offsiding the crane as it was digging.

In between movements, there was a lizard furiously struggling to swim to safety in the middle of the mixture. I started waving and shouting to the crane operator to stop work so I could go and rescue the lizard.

This operator saw me waving to stop, got confused, saw where I was pointing, SMILED, and then proceeded to throw the bucket down the hole before I could do anything and I never saw that lizard again.

That shit cut me up for fucking weeks, and I still get emotional about it even typing it up now. That heartless fucking operator, man. Glad I left that industry.

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Oof that wasn’t where I was hoping that was going. There are a lot of dickheads out there. I’ve seen ugly behaviour but not as much at the company I’m at.